Edgarton is on the mouth of the Tar river, where it empties into Pamlico Sound. It is the crown jewel of North Carolina. The city is a fully functional anachronism.

This city is menaced by threats from beyond the stars and by crazed madmen wearing costumes. It is defended by tireless civic workers, and when that isn’t enough, vigilantes step up wearing costumes to protect themselves and those they love.

The supernatural is a blurred line, as perceptions expand to expect a much wider range of energies to come to bear as tools of those who determine the context they want to live within.

This game is played in the home-built system “Masks.”

This game was active for years before I found Obsidian Portal, so it will take time to get content updated here and not just in my massive notebook. I know it is sparse, but I expect it will expand over time. Thanks for checking it out.

Edge city dm badges

Edge City

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