Edge City

New Blood

Friday, June 10, 2011 IG.

Maggie, a gun-toting corax, returned to town at the invitation of the Gray Ghost. She tracked down Sheckle at the Hole in the Wall, an establishment for villains where Sheckle gathers intelligence to sanitize and pass to the Ghost. Shecklwe was happy to see her again, and recommended she develop an evil persona so she could hang out here. Also, go see Tidelia, a ship called the Mermaid transmits underwater and is a good way to reach her.

Roulette, a nimble mutant, was summoned by Baron Kennedov. She went out to his island, and he told her he trusted the wrong person and ended up having to imprison Indigo. He wants to release him, but needs someone to help keep him out of trouble; will Roulette get established and take on the task? She agreed. She returned to the mainland and found Fred, a photo enthusieast in Besquelle, and spent the night at his place.

Omicron the Headlazer robbed a jewelry store with henchmen.

Morris Pennywise took Kinslton to a penumbral realm, Ash and Roots (a burned landscape with massive tree roots sticking up out of the ground like a crooked tree), to meet a powerful raven spirit. After some banter, the raven spirit decided to meet Kinslton’s need, and it dissolved into him so he gained an Essence rating and became a shaman.

Penumbra (Poe) stalked the night and beat up some thugs, drinking from one of them.

Roulette decided the best way to meet vigilantes was to pick pockets until she was caught, so she was fleecing the theater district and ran into Penumbra, they had a nice chat.

The Lighthouse

Genevieve Malone, Adrian Pellwitch, Jennifer Poe, James Kinslton. June 9-10, 2011

Adrian called Genevieve at work and invited her to consult on the minotaur question at the yacht. He invited Poe and Kinslton as well. They talked about the Minotaur and Maze in Settler, and Poe remembered hearing about the Cutter Boys back in the 30s, ambush experts who used the symbol of the double bitted axe.

Together, they headed to the hidden door to Marcher’s Tower.

Genevieve inspected the second story access to the central pole, noting that it contained a “wick” primed with essence, and to light it required connecting the moment to a time in the past and a time in the future when it was lit. She did, and the tower illuminated, so there were no shadows; this was uncomfortable for Poe, but not lethal. Plates flanking the hatch were for the Keeper of the Lighthouse to put hands, and spend Will to shift the moonphase.

Guardian of the Lighthouse

They found a helper spirit designed to interface with the tower, in a crystal container in a box with a key broken off in it, under a rock, behind a cloth. (She must have frustrated someone.) The Guardian of the Lighthouse was the cool and friendly spirit, who told them the lighthouse needs a Keeper (she is the Guardian.) Adrian agreed to serve in that role, so he sat on the throne and was gifted with a crown of light that he could obscure or reveal at will.

Genevieve asked after Mother Targo, who ruled the tower through the war with Camdenton in 1988, and left in 89, headed to one of the defender realms, the pattern realm connected to Quantum Labs (current status unknown since the moon roads are down.) Marcher took over the tower in 2005, but the moon roads were already down then since 4 of the 5 guardian cairns had been lost.

The five guardian cairns connect to Edgarton: Kennedov’s Island, South Road (Old Wolf), Quantum Labs, Settler (the Minotaur) and the Forest Sanctuary.

The tower was a gift, made of moon spirit, and like the moon it reflects light of the Deep Umbra starshine into Prime to orient and connect the guardian cairns in the fifth dimension. (Height, depth, breadth, time, and perception of interconnectedness.) The Guardian also explained that the tower was a gift, but said little more about it.

About this time they realized Kinslton had wandered off. He was not in the tower, and when they left it, Genevieve’s psychic sweep didn’t locate him in the city either.

Kinslton’s Side Trip

Bored, Kinslton explored the tower, finding the spiral bookshelves in and out on the 3rd floor. On the 4th floor, catacomb-like slots out to view graveyards in different places. He crawled through one of the slots and moved to that dimension, seeing the heavy moon overhead. He spoke with a guardian of the grave site, who explained it was for servants of Luna who fell but were to be protected after death from bargains, despoilment, etc.

The guardian assumed he was a servant of Luna, and he pointed out he was not; the guardian sealed the way home, leaving him stranded in this grave place. Kinslton explored some, finding himself on a distant world with an apocalyptic history. He found an obelisk that was used to tear stars and dimensions apart, back in its day.

Since he had no spells to manage gates or summon mounts, he figured out how to drain the Yog Sogoth energies from the weapon of mass destruction, and he managed to summon a star spawn. He then tried to compel it to carry him through the endless void back to Prime; it sort of got him close, and then he was caught up in a net.

He rose out of a fog of the summoning ritual in a Key of Solomon, where some Nazis had summoned a demon and caught his grubs. Their leader, the Dread Necromancer of Thule, was quite pleased with himself. Kinslton was restrained by the contract, it was written all over his skin. He found that his new “masters” were going to use him to wipe out a cell of the Order of St. Michael in the morning. Fearing what that could mean, he knew he had to subvert his orders or get clear somehow.

He found out he was in Chicago as they transported him to the church in the morning after a night of studying the contract and meditating. He was sent in to kill on holy ground, as zombies broke in the front to distract his targets.

He reached a crisis point of kill or be torn apart and he broke away from his demons to make a run for it; one kept his bird monster form, the other kept his human form, and he managed to escape with his bird form.

It took some time for him to get back to Edgarton from Illinois. Fortunately Genevieve could use telepathy to figure out what the raven wanted.

Good Form

They went to the Fringe, where the Unicorn led the battle against the corruption sweeping northward from the nuke site. The Unicorn agreed to restore Kinslton’s human form, loading him with essence until it regrew.

Meanwhile they also found Laura Griffon, the shaman who could tattoo wolfsbane spirits into the staff at the Ropes to protect them from lycanthropy. She agreed to help if they could get her the spirits, and she would teach others how to do it (because she didn’t want to be tied down with commitments.)

The Edge of the Maze

Adrian Pellwitch, James Kinslton, Jennifer Poe. Tuesday and Wednesday, June 7-8, 2011.

Pellwitch took some time to read the arcane volumes that he found in the cabinet in Marcher’s Tower. The books were wrapped in mystic metaphor and difficult to decipher, but he gathered that they belonged to the Sons of Lemuria, a misogynistic rebel cult of wizards who claim to have sponsored the Arcanum as their intelligence arm outside their base in sunken Lemuria, which is Atlantis. The books were bound with orialchum, the mystical metal of Atlantis, best used to simulate nervous systems for constructs and prosthetics. Adrian got the impression Marcher stole these books from some important people.

He also visited Kingsport to see how Emma was doing in her bohemian art colony adventure. Ellis was quite absorbed in metal sculpture, and Emma seemed to be doing well making friends and paintings, though not selling lots of them. They had a romantic tryst around town, then he returned through the gateway in the historical society. He did note that the Leatherbury Estate pass-through was sleepy and quiet, not cleansed but not corrupt, somewhat dormant.

Kinslton made peace with the Recon Agent, flying to his balcony and apologizing for causing so much trouble. He offered the dimensional prison to Victor, who was somewhat cautious about accepting it, as there are many unknowns that troubled him far more than they troubled Kinslton.

Kinslton asked around to see what became of Lucille, to find that she was mocked pretty relentlessly by Artie for doing dumb stuff around rich people like Kinslton, and they figure she moved back to Chicago to be with her mom. Nobody misses her.

Kinslton tried to recruit Mugsy to help him get to the ship that sunk as he arrived, so he could retrieve the tacky sweaters he got for Shadow Creeper from all the lands of his travels, but Mugsy was rude to him. Forced to rely on his own devices, Kinslton became a demon monster diving bird, eventually recovering the chest and only freaking out one fishing boat in the process. He got Carruthers to help him dry the sweaters, and he prepared to give them to Shadow Creeper. He asked her to meet him in the parking garage opposite the ruined arcology, and he gave her the sweaters there. She took it all more or less in stride, not offering much reaction to his generous gift.

Poe and Kinslton met for the first time at Adrian’s yacht, and took each others’ measure.

Olivia continued escorting the Italian dignitaries around Edge City as guide, acting on behalf of Five Stones.

Poe went with Pellwitch to visit Arsenal Fashions, to get an update on her vigilante outfit. Teddy agreed to help,l and began fashioning a new version.

Kinslton visited Kennedov’s island to make sure there was no “bad blood” there. Kennedov seemed old and depressed, but did not seem dangerous. Reflecting on old times in the city, he muttered something about when the Minotaur came. Kinslton asked Adrian about that, and that reminded Adrian of one of the symbols of the overlapping cairn dimensions that he saw projected in Marcher’s Tower; one was a minotaur head and labrys, symbol of a minotaur and maze.

If there was a mystical minotaur with a maze pocket dimension in Edge City, where would it be? Of course. It would take up residence in the chaos of Settler, and make its maze impenetrable.

Brotherhood Tag Team

Genevieve Malone, Adrian Pellwitch, Burr, Jennifer Poe, Iron Bear, James Kinslton. Sunday-Monday, June 5-6, 2011

Friedrich the arms dealer with the Underground approached Burr offering to sell her information for $2,000, friend prices. She agreed, and found out that the Dusk Clan, upset by the loss of “Bunyan” their ninja tough guy, hired a meta assassin named Charity Core and her Shabbies. She would come to Edge City to kill Iron Bear.

Burr told Matvey immediately, and he used telegrams to get in touch with Core, telling her not to come; instead, he would meet her in Europe. He booked passage, said his hasty goodbyes. As part of those goodbyes, he resigned from the Recon Teams, which made the Recon Agent unhappy; still, putting his disappointment aside, Recon Agent came to the Safety Valve, and saw the challenge to see if anyone could hurt Iron Bear; tickled at the idea, Victor took him down the block, then flew him up in the air and hurled him full force down at an up-pointed girder, doing some damage to the impossibly tough meta. All in good fun! They had some rounds of drinks for Victor and Matvey.

Burr met with an agent from the Order, as she had placed an inquiry to find out what she could find out about Poe’s history. The Watchers, an organization of intelligence agents, try to keep up on metas. They discovered that Poe left Edgarton in the mid 30s and bounced around Europe, keeping a low profile. Her previous name was Sarah Morgan, and her meta persona was Penumbra. The Order had few details of note.

Kryptma replied to Genevieve’s summoning, and they talked about the history of some of these dimensional issues. Kryptma wasn’t sure how it all worked, but the five cairns and their pocket dimensions provided a different kind of protection than the Great Seal, and somehow there was a city at this spot on the coast because it was dimensionally important with the ley lines and geomancy and what not. All that was before her time. She referred to Mother Targo, a powerful shaman who ruled the Chauncy clan from 62-89, noting that Camdenton (a powerful and evil shaman, slave to mighty god-like alien spirits) waged war and drove the Chaunceys out of the dimensions in 88. In 89, Mother Targo had won, but she retired to what was later known as Marcher’s Tower, Kryptma doesn’t know what happened to her then.

Kryptma also told Genevieve that an associate of hers, Laura Griffon, might be able to help prevent lycanthropy, offering protection by tattooing wolfsbane spirits into people. She can be contacted through the Unicorn currently fighting in the bane skirmish down south.

Genevieve went to the Veil in the Mausoleum to look up information on the history of the cairns and such. She encountered the kindly butler with the domino mask, and he reminisced a bit about those days, back when Settler was contested and closing down, and some of the challenges the vigilantes faced then.

Pellwitch decided to take Burr with him as he explored Marcher’s Tower to start an inventory of dangerous stuff. As he was prodding around taking an inventory of things, he noticed there was a central column, and light changed its character when reflecting from that column; he found an access hatch but declined to investigate. He also found a cabinet with a full wizard robe, wand, and staff compliment; it was all a boobytrap. However, in the floor area of the closet he found some enchanted books, something about “A History of the Resistance Vol. 1-4” and he took that with him.

Eleven returned to town, having investigated the Gray Ghost’s back trail; not ready to report yet. But some interesting developments. Part of the difficulty in reading her into everything is there are still trust issues and spies everywhere, points of vulnerability in dealing with demons.

Anna packed her bags and told Genevieve it was time for her to go her own way; stunned, Genevieve let her go, telling her that of course Genevieve would choose Anna’s support over access to business of the Ghost. Still, Anna left.

Once Iron Bear was gone on a cargo ship to Europe, another ship in poor condition made it within sight of the harbor before sinking, and Kinslton flew the rest of the way home, returning to Edge City in style.

Lancing the Cairn

Genevieve Malone, Adrian Pellwitch, Burr, Jennifer Poe, Iron Bear. June 3-4, 2011

Genevieve, Adrian, Alecia, and Kryptma went to investigate the cairn once guarded by Old Wolf, then Mother Wolf, then Lydia. Lydia’s presence had been stripped from it when she was wrapped up in the dream gate, and the powerful site had attracted a powerful bane spirit, the cairn was dripping with insectoid monstrosities. They fought their way to the center, squaring off with a centipede/scorpion bane monster with various distressing features. They managed to deflect harm with Adrian’s magics long enough for Genevieve to spend Fate severing the spirit’s connection to the cairn, casting it out, doing incalculable damage to its followers. As the vacuum for spirit guardian opened, Alecia Crenshaw was pulled in. Satisfied with the outcome, everyone but Alecia left the cairn, returning to Prime.

Iron Bear got his new outfit, and continued hunting ninjas; he came to grips with Bunyan again, and this time was determined not to let him go. Iron Bear managed to kill him, and the elites with him, using his vast strength and invulnerability.

Lorraine Church added a kennel outside the Ropes, and populated it with last chance shelter dogs; Lucky the 3 legged dog was adopted by the Safety Valve. Genevieve began thinking about putting in “Safe Spaces” sponsored by the Ropes, nearby at first and with greater range in time.

Poe asked Shadow Creeper if she could help get something to eat; misunderstanding her, Shadow Creeper supplied Zha Zha and Thor, a pair of Goth teens enraptured by the undead. Somewhat dismayed by this outcome, Poe took them home and fed from them, then wrote them each a stern letter about how they should not like vampires or seek them out, and released them into the wild. Poe was still not ready to start her herd, just interested in the occasional hot meal between plastic bags of blood.

Alex Felton’s funeral was June 4, Downtown, and many of the vigilantes attended one way or another. Front runners for his replacement were Vanessa Banks, who preferred to rely on technology, and Wilfred Beach who believed the police were best as preventative and first response, with hardened responses called in only as needed.

Everyone On the Ropes

Genevieve Malone, Adrian Pellwitch, Burr, Jennifer Poe, Iron Bear. Wednesday-Thursday, June 1-2, 2011

The Ropes threw a party to showcase the mass of people that Amy, Eudora, and Chandler vetted and hired using funds from the Bell South Insurance grant (a front for Belphagor.) The Ropes also bought the apartment building across the street and hired Dan Chauncey’s company to renovate it.

  • Susan Farmer. No-nonsense general manager.
  • Taylor Hickman. Lawyer.
  • Howard Ray. Security.
  • David Skinner. Finances.
  • Sandy Mays. Realtor.
  • Eva Saunders. Counseling. (Oddly attracted to Iron Bear, asking lots of questions.)
  • Theodore Fletcher. Therapy. Looks like an old cowboy, fringe jacket, old and friendly.
  • Christine Dawson. Storytelling Therapy.
  • Lorraine Church. Kennel Coordinator.
  • Earnest Bruce. Job Readiness and Tutoring.
  • Victor Miles. Building Maintenance.
  • Julian Madden. Van driver.
  • Randy McLean. Bartender. Like a leprechaun, goes on about his shillelagh.
  • Kristen Banks. Barmaid.
  • Willie Walter. Barmaid.
  • Holly Ferguson. After-school Program.
  • Stuart Stone. Daycare.
  • Charles Kelly. Daycare.
  • Brittany Atkins. Daycare.

The group enjoyed talking about future possibilities and so on, and many of them went to the Safety Valve to develop new drinks and generally goof off.

Towards the end of the party, Alecia Crenshaw made her way in to the party, looking ill and underweight. She spit up a scorpion, had been doing that. First centipedes and such, but now bigger and more dangerous vermin. She pled with Genevieve to help her, as maybe the only one who could.

That night they went to Dencentrael where Iron Bear fought Iron Skull, and they had a bus-tossing battle that wrecked a city block but made piles and piles of cash. Iron Bear won.

All a Blur

Tuesday May 24, 2011 IG

(I waited too long to make notes. Here are some highlights.)

Felton, Assassinated

  • Police Commissioner Alex Felton was shot while delivering a televised speech. The assassin was Cp. Karlin Devereaux, out of Downtown, part of the mayoral detachment with 30 years on the force.
  • Tracking Devereaux’s movements before the assassination, they connected him to a conversation with a spirifer in a bar. Twitterpate relieved him of his inhibitions, and in that suggestible state he ended up shooting Felton. (He showed no remorse before, during, or after.)
  • The Ghost consulted with the crew on their efforts, and urged Adrian to take care of the spirifer (and other demon influences in Edgarton.)
  • Kryptma showed up, and observed what had transformed Lord Bat. She said it was a will and a darkness she had not seen; a full on demon sacrifice was needed to make the infernal mutagen that powered Lord Bat’s transformation.
  • Being all super, they tracked Twitterpate to his house, blew through him and a number of debtor bodyguards.


There was some information on Poe in the Veil, most of it was protected. They could learn that she was related to SpiderJewel, a Shadow who was briefly allied with the Ghost before irreconcileable differences led to a series of events that climaxed with Spiderjewel’s death. Spiderjewel had been an ally of the Enigmist as well. Spiderjewel was probably Shadow Creeper’s grand-mother (or great-grandmother etc.)

They visited Settler, and went into an old building, the Argosay. It was a previous supers hangout, and it had a big broken mural of the Ghost, the Enigmist, Spiderjewel, and Poe. The site was revered by the current Settler inhabitants. Poe was dismayed by the decay decades later; the area never recovered from the battles in her time.

Genevieve had a talk with the Ghost, because she was upset that Artemis was just allowed into the Specters without even a proper explanation or introduction. Also because of his withdrawal from the others who need the leadership. And because of the mystery around Poe. The Ghost retorted that he was acting carefully playing out a long game working to reduce the demonic taint in the city, which was enough for now.

Damn Ninjas

A ninja nicknamed “Bunyan” was harassing the Templar and their people in retribution against Templar attacks on ninja. Iron Bear and Burr tracked him down and fought him in an abandoned mall, where he danced and flipped and pranced around Iron Bear, infuriating him.

Also, Iron Bear posted a video challenge online, demanding Iron Skull come to Dencentrael to fight him.

Iron Bear also went to Teddy and got measured for his new super-threads.

The Ropes

Monday, May 23, 2011 and a few days after.

  • Genevieve sent Mr. Kissybat off to summon Kryptma.
  • Irritated by the vandalism to GAT bots, the Recon Agents voted to approve Genevieve’s suggestion that the GAT bots be auctioned off as canvases to neighborhoods and organizations to decorate, then be put on active duty, but with some local pride dressing them up. This is a tactic to slow vandalism.
  • Matvey fought three werewolf kinfolk women and they managed to bring him down, which got them very excited, so they took him to their apartment where they shared a den, and sexed him up. They are known as the Furies, and their names are Tracey, Sylvia, and Arlene.
  • As part of her last preparations before leaving town, Emma painted an abstract “portrait” of Adrian. It appeared to be a constellation, with a strong star where his heart was, and abstract brush strokes around him that actually mirror an angled view of some of his protective runes. He thought it was sweet.
  • Burr continued her development of new cocktails and drink combinations to match a durable (regenerating) palate for cheap and vicious liquor. Examples include the Pain Shoggoth (which has a tennis ball with googly eyes on it in the gelatin of the drink) and Fuzzy Orgy on the Beach (which is pretty much everything in arm’s reach mixed up.) Traditional paper umbrellas seemed too small and frail for some drinks, so pinwheels substitute.
  • Matvey filmed an internet challenge to the Iron Skull to a meta brawl in Dencentrael because the Iron Skull has been trash talking him.
  • The Templar decided the bar (Escape Valve) needed a mechanical bull. They acquired one and installed it, and named it Rasputin. They spent a few hours’ sleep curled around it, surrounded by their bottles and cups, and the first ones to fall broke some of the glassware, starting a ground glass covering to the ground around the bull. The enclosure, is called “the Paddock.” There is chalkboard paint on one wall to track whatever records need tracking.
  • Teddy reviewed Matvey’s dimensions and is working on an Iron Bear vigilante outfit for him. (There are strong indicators Teddy did Lord Bat’s outfit too.) In the meantime, Teddy gave him a tremendous huge leather furred pimp coat and some Jackie O sunglasses.
  • Genevieve started a contract with local food truck vendors that they will serve scheduled times in the parking lot out back behind the Ropes, subsidized by the establishment on top of whatever they earn. The first was the Gyro Truck, owned by Assan Jim (who worries his daughter, who also works the truck, might be in danger. The owners promised they’d be responsible for her safety.) While gyros are good, he also developed a new menu item, “Handful of meat” for $2. It’s very popular.
  • Matvey provoked Artie (Alpha Wolf) to hurt him if he could, so Artie went for a crotch rip with his werewolf claws and still could not hurt the mutant, but got razzed by his pack for fondling the mutant’s balls, and he was sulky about that afterwards.
  • Leo is a rough-voiced barfly developing an affinity for googly-eyed tennis balls (though he refuses any suggestion he can be compelled to play fetch.)
  • After Emma headed out to Kingsport to be a starving artist for a summer, Adrian went to the Ropes and knocked off some rust, sparring with Chandler himself. Apparently Adrian has the skills to be a professional boxer (of course.)

The Gloaming Cabaret

Poe kept an eye on her guests, and noticed one who was getting lots of attention and spreading around supernatural energy—a beautiful woman with two big odd bodyguards. Poe summoned her upstairs to find she was a seccubus named Pilliars, who offered to be her friend and help her out (and was apparently able to rearrange her blood to be interesting to a vampire.) She even left some on the chair.

Poe resisted her overtures and told her to be good, then sent her away. Poe was further angered when Pillars seduced the coat check girl on the way out.

The cabaret was packed after the incident with Crew, so business was good. The cigarette girls also have wrist-mounted thumb-activated lighters, which they use to light their wares and to chase off wandering hands. Even the bouncers liked the new arrangement.

Lord Bat

Mirov Matvey, the Iron Bear, (Simon) gathered some internet fame in meta brawls. He was called in by Kinslton through the Brotherhood of the Road to help out in Edgarton while Kinslton tracked down Carl Stanford to assassinate him. Matvey met the butler, and explored the city some, attracting the attention of a GAT bot because he was misshapen with muscle and had metallic skin. Treating the robot as his own personal SIRI, he got directions, and found a russian restaurant, Vissilay’s. There he met a number of Russian ex-pats who mostly worked on the subway in Edgarton. He was recognized and celebrated there.

He was also approached by the Recon Agent, who hired him on to work at Precinct 13 with the Recon Teams. The Agent was impressed at his no-nonsense public identity and willingness to serve.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Poe (Iris) refurbished the Gloaming Cabaret, a nightclub in Midtown, to its former glory. (It was originally a nightclub, but it was coverted to offices, then a warehouse, before Poe rebuilt it.) Poe managed to hire Chamille Crew, the hottest nightclub singer in Edge City, and she enjoyed a successful soft open of the club.

Mr. Fetch, servant to Baron Kennedov, visited and urged her not to make trouble. Kennedov also sent condolences regarding Poe’s mother.

The regulars had down time.

Genevieve Malone and her team put all their effort into getting the recreational facility, “The Ropes” ready for opening. In what spare time she had, she bounced down to the Shell Clan hideout for some ninjaball practice.

Burr helped Malone out, but also spent considerable time rolling around with the Templar. She adapted part of the Ropes to be a bar, called “Safety Valve,” and she picked up some bartending skill.

Adrian helped his wife Emma get ready for her summer in Kingsport, where Ellis would go along and do public sculpture while providing some bodyguard cover. He also kept up on his various contacts.

Saturday, May 21, 2011 IG.

Genevieve, Anna, Adrian, Emma, Burr, Poe, and Matvey were present at the grand opening of “The Ropes”, a new recreational facility in Torpedo Bay. The opening band was “The Hack ‘n’ Slash” led by Bandmaster Killjoy. Apollo Chandler, former celebrity boxer and new manager of the Ropes, cut the ribbon for the cameras, and there was catering to the modest turnout for the grand opening.

Visitors could see the boxing ring (labeled “punchy punchy”) and the informal sparring area (labeled “climby bitey”) as well as the arrow towards the bar in the back (labled “beer & ice”) and they could see how the facility was designed to give an at-risk population somewhere to gather and blow off steam and learn some discipline.

The Reconstruction Agent himself showed up and chatted with reporters, and some of the metas quietly headed to the bar, where Genevieve noticed Poe had joined the gathering using her stealthy vampiric influence. Poe offered the group a fine bottle of wine and invited them to the opening of her club in Midtown. Those affiliated with werewolves were instinctively distrustful, sensing Poe was a vampire.

After the event, the bar got properly broken in, and eventually people went their separate ways. They spent the day more or less uneventfully, and headed to the opening of Poe’s club that night.

The Gloaming Cabaret

The night was hopping with a great turnout for the club’s official open. Things were going well until the wall was smashed in by a mass of supernatural bats that harassed the room, then coalesced around the lead singer, Ms. Crew, and escaped the building bearing her aloft.

Matvey leaped up on buildings, followed by Adrian, and more of the characters followed as best they could; Anna broke into Poe’s car and picked up the stragglers. They pursued the swarm of bats to a clock tower a couple miles away.

Matvey announced the avengers’ arrival by hurling a Mr. Trashy through the clock tower, and bats swarmed out angrily. They were controlled by a man in a fancy bladed cape, who loudly announced he was Lord Bat. He used his supernatural bats to attack Matvey, who shrugged the assault off and battered him down.

Meanwhile Adrian raced up into the tower and found Ms. Crew unconscious on a waterbed, in a room draped with satin and such (before the dumpster slammed through it) with some carry-out pizza and wine for seductive purposes. He also found demonic graffiti, and in searching for what gave Lord Bat his power, he found summoning rituals designed to attract demonic attention, appended to pages in a library book.

Once Adrian returned with Ms. Crew safe and sound, Matvey finished defeating Lord Bat, and they put him in a truck to be imprisoned in Precinct 13. He shouted purple prose in a Transylvanian accent (the best he could do) but slipped into a more Midwestern cadence when not high on the bat power.

Crew went back to the nightclub with Poe and blew them away with some more singing, unfazed by her brush with danger. Attendance would be way up after that stunt.

Later interrogation of Lord Bat revealed his name was Sam Grabble. His summoning ritual got a demon to come to him, and the demon made him do things (like bite the heads off a bunch of bats) to get power. (They got the feeling this was the demon amusing itself at his expense.) He drank something glowing and green (some sort of hellish warpstone mutagen with nevercold brass) and it gave him his bat powers.

All he knew about the demon he summoned was it had a very tall hat, and round glasses, and too sharp a smile, an a long two-tined fork…

The Great Seal, Sundered

Friday, April 16, 2011

Adrian was having a nice lunch with Emma, getting ready to go to Kingsport to scout out a good place in Hilltown for her to spend the summer as a bohemian artist. She stepped away for a moment, and a demon, Mr. Charon, slipped up to the table. He shared the Baltimore Truth of 1796 with Adrian, scribbled on a page from a hymn book.

On his deathbed the One will be abandoned / Nodens will not come / The Green Flame will ascend / through all gates

Charon slipped away before Emma returned, and Adrian knew it was time to involve others in whatever might be going down in Kingsport.

Meanwhile Genevieve had restless dreams of running through Kingsport’s neighborhoods and time periods, accidentally spreading green flame everywhere she touched, until there was a single unifying green flame; she was surrounded by fog, and there were faces, and she woke in a state of terror.

They gathered together Lydia (who had stopped by Indigo’s place to collect his guitar for her own), Kinslton, and Burr. Time to go to Kingsport. They sent Emma and her things and Ellis with Mugsy by yacht, and they took the much shorter route through the Leatherbury Estate, emerging in the Kingsport Historical Society attic.

Barbeque With the Chief

They met with Chief Crane, who seemed a little sad. His wife Linda and children left him, so he was living alone; still, he was glad to see them and have a cookout. Apparently the weird things he had to deal with in Kingsport were eventually too much for his wife.

The only thing he was currently aware of was the disappearance of some vagrants; they were the canaries in the coal mine, indicating something larger might be amiss.

They checked on his Tchulza grubs, and were all startled to find the grubs very active in their glass jars. Another sign all was not well.

The energy of the small town was off, and it was unsettled with a miasma of Tchulzan energies. They decided to go check it out, noting that the center of the disturbance was a knot of energy at the peak of Kingsport Head, surrounding the Strange High House.

The Islander

As they headed through town, Adrian spotted Jorge Malinta, a strangely canny musician with the Brotherhood of the Road. Malinta observed that he was here to mark this momentous occasion, where a Great Seal may be sundered. He already composed a song as he prepared to bear witness.

Rather than performing the song himself, he nodded to a woman across the street who was performing for money. Adrian was sure to buy her CD. It was Stella Wilde, performing “Songs of the Sea, Volume IV.” The lyrics to the Eulogy for Bain:

An old man by a seashore at the end of day
Gazes the horizon with seawinds in his face
Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same
Anchorage unpainted and a ship without a name

Sea without a shore for the banished one unheard
He lightens the beacon, light at the end of world
Showing the way, lighting hope in their hearts
The ones on their travels homeward from afar

This is for long-forgotten light at the end of the world
Horizon’s crying the tears he left behind long ago

The albatross is flying, making him daydream
The time before he became – one of the world’s unseen
Princess in the tower, children in the fields
Life gave him it all: an island of the universe

Now his love`s a memory, a ghost in the fog
He sets the sails one last time saying farewell to the world
Anchor to the water, seabed far below
Grass still in his feet and a smile beneath his brow

[Chorus x2]

They hurried on, to the base of the Kingsport Head, and up the slope.


There was a massive defensive energy construct centered on the Strange High House, but as they hiked up they found human sacrifices at the center of mythos rituals tainted with demonic energy that drove the defenses back, ever imploding towards the house itself. They sensed danger around them as they moved ever higher in the punishing hike. They found more sacrifices, each fresher than the last. Within the barrier itself, they felt a weakening heartbeat.

They discovered there were disguised nightgaunts, just out of phase with prime, to discourage fliers (like Kinslton as he scouted.) He retreated, and they caught up near the edge of the defensive area to find a shoggoth chewing on it, draining its power, pushing it inward.

Genevieve managed to use her shaman powers and the Bauble to breach the defense briefly, enough to get in. They crept up to the High House and in through the back, and there they found Bain on his deathbed, brandishing a pistol at them.

He was terrified of Lydia, until he realized she was not with the cult of Tchulza, and did not know his sin. He mumbled something about how she was the Lady in the Tower.

He explained about the Nexus of Dreams outside his door (which was currently barred) and how it would burn a unidim (uni-dimensional, not multi-dimensional) creature to ash in an instant. However, it needs a catalyst to help it open or close, to regulate its dream energies and dimensional airlock.

Would Lydia shoulder the burden of regulating the Nexus until Nodens returned to bind or free her? She would have to put her will against the cultists connected by the Green Flame, each conducting an active ritual to take control of the Nexus and open it to Tchulza.

She agreed to take on that burden.

Defending the Nexus

Each point of the anchored Great Seal was hosting a ritual to take control of the time and space where it was anchored, to rip it loose and let the Tchulzan energies roar into the Nexus, reshaping the past and the future. Lydia could not stand against them all; they had to be disrupted.

Burr joined Kinslton in flying out of the defenses, to find the one nearest the High House. It was in a cave, stairs up to open space. Kinslton moved into the Periphery and through the stone to an otherdimensional space where a Crawling One led witches in the ritual, with byakhee guards. Kinslton broke through the byakhee easily enough, and could only defeat the Crawling One (a wizard made of grave worms) by chowing down unpleasantly. It was not all bad that Burr was stuck outside the cave.

Adrian and Genevieve and Anna went out too, finding the dimensionally hidden ritual around the boarding house and sorting it out as Kinslton and Burr went after another one.

With three down, Lydia threw open the doors, exposing herself to the Nexus of Dreams, and hurled her consciousness and body into the portal. She felt the ruthless ritual energy of Tchulza, but since she had the Cairn connection tying her into the ley lines of Prime, and since she was gifted in regulating the energies of the Green Flame, she could take their power and hurl it harmlessly through the Nexus instead of shattering it with a blow as they intended. The energy gusted away from Prime, and she stood in the breach, bearing the weight of regulating the Nexus.

William Bain quietly died.


Questioning a surviving witch, they discovered that Carl Sanford was behind organizing this assault on Prime. Kinslton remembered his original mission to hunt the rogue mythos wizard down and put a stop to him, so he decided to follow this fresh lead to Europe. He put in a call to the Brotherhood to send someone else to the brownstone while he was gone, to assist the vigilantes of the city in his absence.

Lydia discovered that while she could meditate and even dimensionally travel, she was drawn inexorably back to wake up in the Strange High House. She was rooted to the Nexus in ways she could only begin to understand.

The Great Seal was sundered, but the damage it had once contained had been healed through reaching into those rituals in the past and draining them of the Tchulza energy they once held, venting it off-plane so it had never been able to pose a threat to the dimensional walls (which were still thinner, but not dangerously so any longer.) With Lydia regulating the Dream Nexus, Kingsport posed no greater threat than other places of power around the world.

The others could return to their lives, but Lydia resolved to wait until Nodens, God of Dreams, revisited his Nexus and set a course for the rest of her life…


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