Edge City

Directing Traffic

The End of the World Looms

January 7, 2010 IG. July 20, 2013 IRL.

Blake had three nights in a row with the same horrific dream of the world ending in a city. He called his Five Stones contact, Camelbert, who told him the city was Edgarton. Blake rented a car in Kingsport and drove there immediately.

The Locals

Camelbert made him welcome at the Five Stones offices Downtown until Genevieve, Adrian, and Daniel joined Blake in a meeting room there. They had an intense session of briefing and debriefing. Genevieve watched the dream replay in Blake’s mind telepathically.

After orienting the demon to life in Edgarton, they took him out to eat at the revolving restaurant Downtown.

There he met Pillars, a secubus who told him he was a demon prophet who was to sort out the threat to the end of the world. Once it was safe again, the Brass Embassy could open in Edgarton. Unsettled, he withdrew from that conversation and reported it to his new allies.

upon returning to Adrian’s yacht they met Amancio, steward of a safehouse for the Brotherhood of the Road. Amancio reported darkshell traffic in the sewers outside the safehouse, twice a week, and asked them to come check it out.

Then Genevieve took them to an arranged meeting in Stone Garden so the Gray Ghost could get acquainted with Blake, since he would be operating in the city for at least the immediate future.

Friday, January 8

Adrian and Emma spent quality time together, and Adrian got a telegram inviting him to the Silver Twilight Lodge charity event the following Saturday.

Blake read up on Seertech and Edgarton.

Genevieve checked in with her investigative group, namely Amy Dobson, and got more information on Elle Pardon—more than she bargained for. She commissioned Dobson to go back and find out even more about a deal between Sundown Pharmaceuticals and Chaise International.

Running of the Darkshells

After an eventful day, they gathered at the yacht then went to Torpedo Bay, getting into the safehouse and checking signs of darkshell activity. Adrian’s magic allowed him to track the darkshell trail to a strange chamber of water under the street. They hid and watched as a young woman with long black hair and a black dress (and purple tattoos in her eyes) summoned a mass of darkshells to fawn at her feet, like she was their queen. They started drooling resin to crust up a nest. When they left, the investigators retreated also, after Daniel climbed up to see what street intersection was above the budding nest.



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