Edge City

Free to be You and Me

Weaving personal agendas.

Picked up where we left off at the same time with the same people. Most of the session was individuals following their agendas. Here are some significant events.

People Want Meg to Investigate.
Eleven asked Meg to check into Dr. Elle Pardon—and make sure no one knows she’s doing it, including the Ghost. Meg gave the job to Amy Dobson, and got some information.

  • Dr. Pardon has worked for Sundown Pharmaceuticals for the last 5 years. They develop biotechnology out of vanishing rain forest resources, and she works with other companies selling patents to them. She may be working on a secret project with Chaise International.

The Ghost asked Meg to look into “The Tomorrow Society” for him.

Doctors Underground
Dante heard from the mysterious sewer friend, who snuck up through his Nazi hole and whispered to him that two of the doctors underground in their last mission were “Dr. Percy” and “Dr. Garver.” The doctors argued about what to tell the boss, and settled on telling the boss there was a power spike that wiped out the computers. The security footage was connected to the computers, it was destroyed too. The doctors dispatched hunters to capture some escaped “specimens.”

Dante talked to Evans about that, and Evans ran a search on the Veil. Apparently about 10 years ago a “Dr. Percy” and “Dr. Garver” worked on a water testing lab that was a subsidiary of Yutani. Evans also wondered of Garver was related to an Edgarton official.

Evans also continued breaking and entering, healing nearly 10 more cops and working with a number of dogs on death row trying to boost their immune systems.

The Wolf Head
Kryptma caught up to Evans and Clarissa and wrapped their upper arms in Ace bandages long enough for them to be remotely tattooed. Now they have wolf head tattoos, and they can telepathically contact each other. Evans also felt his unborn child pressing against the back of his mind.

Accords of Cooperation
Dante met with Commisioner Felton, and got the Letter of Marque and Reprisal signed. They talked about Swashbuckler and his press gangs and their current tactic of “Confess or Maroon.” Felton secured Dante’s agreement that he’d help with some negotiations to get funding and permits for the Civil Defense Force ironed out, and sent material to his home including psyche reports on some of the opposition. Dante studied it and set up meetings with three of the police captains involved in the negotiations.

The Treadwell Breakout
Daniel and Amy worked out the plan to break Treadwell out of the Fortress, and they took him to a safe house after faking his death by explosion. Questioned, Treadwell expressed some bitterness about losing the life he once had, and suggested that if they wanted to hurt the League they could check out Skyfall, Montana.

That night he was blown up remotely, and Daniel was caught in the blast too. While Daniel hid to regenerate, Burninator started investigating the explosion. In a conversation with Meg, he suggested that he though the woman with the purple tattoos in her eyes psychically tracked Treadwell to that location so the League could silence him.

Skyfall, Montana
Doing some digging, they found it was a carefully kept low-profile story about a massive meteor that hit in Montana, wiping out a town. Another town sprang up nearby to support the Seertech research and development and de-toxification facility, the Green Station. Turns out Jeremiah Seer personally ran the operation for three years, and it has STARS teams there.

Social Maintenance
Adrian visited most of his hideouts and spent some quality time with the Brotherhood of the Road and with Emma. He also worked hard on how to word a letter to his father about the death of his brother.

Something’s Wrong With Ghost
The characters have a growing sense that something is wrong with the Ghost; he is not patrolling or updating or monitoring as much, he seems cheerful and distracted and not very Ghost-like. But what can they possibly do? He doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.



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