Edge City

Hearts and Blood

Monday, February 14

Kinslton rose early and went to the Leaky Gasket, where he found Lucille, hung over sleeping on a pool table. He took her to brunch at a greasy spoon, where she gave him a diamond tie pin as a present, and recopied the Templar manifesto and oath onto a back sheet from the phone book so he would have it for reference. They agreed to rendezvous later at the Leaky Gasket to go have sex on the roof of the Edgarton Museum of Natural History. Kinslton headed off to work.

Genevieve was also at work in Precinct 13, monitoring the gat bot lines at the protest in Fortress Square (protesting gat bots. Some protesters put paper hearts on gat bot chests. They had a tailgaiting lunch, too.)

At Lydia’s bookstore, they had Valentine themed coffee, poetry books, and so on for the last-minute shopper, so it was a pretty busy day.

Adrian went with his wife Emma all over town, buying antiques and trying out odd restaurants and seeing an avante-guarde play about the engine of modern progress. The most excitement was when some ninja attacked an armored car, but Burninator was on the scene to thwart them. Afterwards, he had a pleasant evening at home.

After work, Genevieve was met by Graves, with disguises. They had a carnal encounter in their traditional elevator in Fortress Square, and were escorted out by security and warned they’d be sued if they did that again. They failed to quake in fear at the idea.

Lydia left work and followed a trail of roses to a romantic rooftop dinner followed by snuggling with Indigo, and sharing blood.


Burr worked out and caught up on her reading. Just another day. Then Mr. Fetch visited, and chatted with her a bit, and waited for Kinslton to get home. When he did, Fetch pointed out Kennedov was interested in how Indigo was doing, and would like an update for lunch tomorrow; Kinslton agreed, and tried to figure out how to find the elusive vampire he was supposed to be friends with and keeping tabs on.

He took Lucille to a number of Besquelle nightclubs, and they indulged themselves in various semi-private places. He decided he wasn’t going to find Indigo that way, so he reluctantly sent an Inspecter text to Lyida and Genevieve.

When Genevieve got out of her bath, she telepathically located Lydia and let Kinslton know. He left Lucille and flew to that rooftop, not to spy but to check in when the party was over. Of course Lydia teleported them out of there directly, unaware of his presence, so he gave up and flew home.

In the predawn hour, everyone got a text that the Gray Ghost wanted to meet them the following midnight in the Justice Dome.

Lunch with Kennedov

The next day Kinslton flew to Kennedov’s island, and updated the elderly vampire. Kennedov was concerned that Indigo was fixating on one source of exotic blood, and asked Kinslton to make sure that under no circumstances Lydia drank Indigo’s blood. Kinslton agreed. Also, if any other vampires showed up, Kennedov wanted to know about it. No other vampires, Kinslton reported. Then he had a chicken dinner and flew back to the mainland.

The Ghost’s Plan

After a long day, they met the Ghost at midnight in the Justice Dome. The Ghost was different; taller, masculine, different voice. He divied them up into three strike forces to take out a ship in international waters. Sabotage it, and have the Recon Teams handy to rescue those who jumped out or were arrested.

They headed out on Swashbuckler’s ship, except Tidelia took Adrian and Burninator underwater with dolphins. Once at the site, the longboat approached the container ship, and was spotted. Burninator and Adrian shot holes in the front hull, while Tidelia wrecked the engines, the Gray Ghost disarmed the inevitable self-destruct mechanism, and Genevieve led the group that boarded to get as much intel as possible. Wraith (Lydia) teleported them over, and they fought with ninja as Genevieve got below decks and saw an argument over whether or not to wake up the cargo, in massive coffin-like bins all down the belowdecks storage.

Four of the creatures were woken, and they were awful alien predator things. Genevieve navigated the Japanese language issues as she grabbed as much data into a laptop as she could, and Ana picked up as much physical evidence as possible, while Burr provided security. Genevieve used her bauble to illuminate one of the monsters; it was horrible, and they were killing the ninja.

Shadow Creeper insisted they blow it up, she faced one of these in South Settler. They all agreed, the Ghost triggered the self-destruct countdown, and everyone fled the boat one way or another as it went down and blew up. Adrian and Burninator faced a couple swimming monsters, and Adrian blew one up as Tidelia sent sharks after the other one.

A speedboat tried to escape, and Hammerhand was on it, but someone on the boat threw a starfish on his face and knocked him out; Kinslton had to rescue him. They used GAT bots with flotation devices as scanning nodes, and found all the ninja in the waters, recovering them.

Once the Recon Teams got back to land, they processed the ninja; the half that were wanted by INTERPOL were shipped off, a few of the others had local warrants, and the rest were temporarily held for terrorism, until the recovered intelligence could be interpreted to suggest what they might be guilty of attempting to do with their endless freezer cases, a monster army.



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