Edge City

In Demand

Everybody Wants Help

After they climb up out of the underground below Torpedo Bay, Genevieve loops around to where the lady with the purple tattoos in her eyes climbed down to the darkshell protonest. She looked back in time, seeing an armored black Caddie with the woman, and four bald guys with bulging eyes, wearing dark suits. Built like neckless linebackers, the guards radiated a faint purple mist that was visible to supernatural sight.

The Party

The one year anniversary of the disaster at the Holloway Yacht Club turned into a charity event at $1,000 a plate, the proceeds going to a charity created by the inheritors of all those who died in the disaster.

Genevieve attended as a police consultant, Adrian and Emma went as a dashing pair of philanthropists, and Blake went as a +1 for a wealthy young woman (Ms. Drumwind), courtesy of Roftwielderant’s intervention at Adrian’s request.

The celebration honored the winner of the regatta first. Then the top five philanthropists; Jeremiah Seer came in first, and the Chaise family came in third. Then there were civic achievement awards. Finally, a memorial section was solemnized by a moving speech delivered by Commissioner Felton.

Afterwards the orchestra played for ballroom dancing, and they performed a piece commissioned for the event.

The characters got to chat with Jeremiah Seer, Hammerhand, and other luminaries at the event. Adrian’s father surprised him at the event, greeting him and noting they needed to talk. Genevieve noticed a strange ugly man radiating a little purple energy, and she asked Daniel to tail him. Meanwhile Blake interviewed one of the man’s decorative escorts, and found out his name was Charles Adderwin.

When Genevieve got home, Daniel reported to her with the hotel and room number of the strange fat man, and she considered more research before taking action.

Sunday, January 10

Genevieve snuck into the Mausoleum and used the Veil to look up more on Charles Adderwin. He is a purchasing agent for the Science Development Department of the South American branch of Yutani Industries, based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Genevieve flags him in the system and leaves a note for the Gray Ghost.

The characters gather at Adrian’s yacht around lunchtime, and as they discuss Adderwin, Adrian’s father joins them again. He has a heart-to-heart with Adrian, telling him he needs to stop goofing off and become a powerful leader with the Golden Tree Manse; something dangerous is coming, and they need his help. Then his father leaves, for now.

The characters talk over their situation and think about what to do next regarding the purple energies and how they relate to the darkshells and the woman with the purple tattoos in her eyes.


Wayland Skiff sends a message to Genevieve at her house, and Graves calls her to relay it. She gathers up the other characters and goes to meet Skiff. He tells her that the Settler Dusk Clan Annex wants a seat on the Council, and they kidnapped Myrna’s granddaughter to use as leverage. Myrna, a respected member of the Council, could get them a seat. If they got into that position, they could become far more powerful in Settler.

Skiff can’t get involved, and the kidnapping took place far from Settler. Myrna’s granddaughter is a perky schoolteacher in her 20s, red hair and green eyes, at Spencer Prep School in Dencentrael. She lives at the school. Her name is Lisa Preston.

Skiff estimates there are about 40 ninja involved in the Settler clan, led by Hetsumaru with Tarasuko as a troubleshooter that works for Jonin Carmine (who runs the Dusk Clan for the rest of the city.) Possible weak points may be the publically-known money men, Carl Oxley and Bail Twinner. That’s about all he knows.

The characters agree to help, and contemplate their next move.



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