Adrian Pellwitch

Wizard. Artifact hunter, world traveler, laying low & learning from the best in Edge City.


Adrian is a fairly unassuming, well spoken gentleman, with a light British accent and piercing blue eyes. He stands around 5’10" 180lbs and a fairly athletic build, although he’s worried about a bit of a belly that might be developing due to some great food. He sports thick brown hair in a short and somewhat messy style that has grown out a bit as of late. He also shows a bit of stubble on the face, reinforcing his relaxed demeanor. He favors hats, blue ties, longer coats, and canes in Edgarton, maintaining that his British blood offers him an advantage in style (while often just barely covering for his deficiencies & lack of concern).

With many years spent traveling, Adrian loves striking up conversation with others about a myriad of topics generally involving adventuring, culture, food, and “this one time”. Despite his somewhat privileged lifestyle, Adrian loves cooking for and entertaining his guests, and he often feels uncomfortable in much more formal settings. Rarely haughty, he is quick to recognize wisdom and expertise while adding to his own, and he is a lifelong student, always seeking to increase his knowledge and understanding. His intelligence, focus, and inner resolve both repel and attract attention. He has also slowly become aware of the attention his name draws, and is much more wary of those seeking his friendship or favor.

During his time in Edgarton, Adrian has grown substantially in his power as a wizard as well as acquiring many new skills and interests. Despite his relaxed attitude, Adrian is at heart a hunter who sets a goal then pursues it, often the more complicated the better. In some ways a great weakness, in many a great strength, Adrian is most dangerous and at his peak with a clear goal in mind. Whether that be discovering some forbidden knowledge, defeating an enemy, learning a new skill or aiding his friends, he approaches each new challenge with patience and guile.

“The Twin Bells” yacht.

Druanna Pellwitch recollections by Jorge Malinta.


Adrian Pellwitch

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