Alecia Harker, Left Hand of God

Fanatic monster hunter


Holy water cannot help you now
A thousand armies couldn’t keep me out
I don’t want your money
I don’t want your crown
See I have to burn
Your kingdom down

- Florence and the Machine “Seven Devils”
(~Kristy 3/11/12)

  • A serial killer, kills people and raves they were monsters. She escaped prison in 2006 in the jail break. She has not resurfaced.

Alecia Harker on the Veil (accessed in July 2009.)She was born in Iowa, grew up in Kansas. When she was 11 she killed a preacher, was put in juvie. Broke out, murdered her way through the trucker population on the way to Arkansas, and then set a town on fire.

She dropped off the grid, popped up again as an apprentice to Dr. Murder, protégé as long as she could kill monsters. There are records that she has had clashes with the Network, she made a separate peace with Baron Kennedov, she has to her name 6 dead Chauncies.

Her methods have refined over time; she has been assumed dead 4 times. She has worked her way across Europe, now she’s back.

There is a list of speculation on weaponry and equipment. Tattoos, silver implants in her body; she’s into serious juju. She has an animated glass eye. She is murderous. She sees herself as an assassin targeting monsters; at least some of them are.

Alecia Harker, Left Hand of God

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