Amy Dobson

Point, investigator, ally, boot shopper


She is lithe and forceful, with a playful nature and an iron-hard resolve.


Her father is Geoff Dobson, an international man of mystery. Her mother’s name is not publicly accessible, probably because rumor speculates she is a jewel thief of worldwide renown. Amy was raised at the Locksley Estate outside St. Paul, MN. That facility was a training ground for monster hunters with various specialties.

Amy got some of the best training in the world for hunting monsters (and surviving.) One of her teachers was Kristoff Tovkitch, and when he called her from Edge City (2009) to get some help she readily agreed. She was further involved when Tovkitch hired Elbert Graves to build him an investigative team, and Graves identified her as an ideal member.

The investigators were set up in a Downtown office and given various enigmas to unravel. Through the work of the group, Amy became friends with Genevieve, to the point where they participated in illegal activity and boot shopping together.

When Tovkitch mysteriously vanished, then Genevieve Malone took over managing the investigators. Upon her untimely death in a car accident, Daniel Burke took over the investigators (and their funding) and they became part time, seasonal work. When Genevieve came back from the dead, she once again gives orders to the group, though Daniel continues funding and dealing with management issues. Daniel appointed Amy to be in charge of leadership for the team.

When the team is not engaged, Amy (who has become backup for Daniel and Genevieve’s other investigations) tends to continue her career of investigation and monster hunting solo, occasionally having a near miss where she needs backup herself.

She is currently providing logistical support, training, and emotional backup for Lydia.

Updated 7.30.2016

Amy Dobson

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