Artemis Seer

CEO of Quantum Labs, Powerful Arcanist


Artemis Seer was responsible for major growth in Seertech. It was a modest company when he took over management in 1970. He was savvy and fortunate in transforming a shipping company that primarily managed international accounts to a tech firm that blossomed with the electronics revolution.

Unknown to most, Artemis was also a wizard in a long line of wizards. He supplemented his cunning with criminal activity (moving from conducting the business himself to directing the work of others) and strategic use of magical power.

In December 2006 he was jailed for releasing the T Virus downtown in Edgarton. He served three years of a ten year sentence (good behavior and all that) and upon his release he was unable to resume command of Seertech. As a convict, that would send the wrong message, and there were other legal barriers as well.

Jeremiah, Artemis’ son, continued to run Seertech. Artemis was given control of Quantum Labs, recently bought out by Seertech. From that base, Artemis continued his awful researches and crimes.

When Genevieve Malone traced darkshell activity back to him, and to Quantum Labs, he offered her the chance to work with him instead of against him. In January 2010 Genevieve assaulted Quantum Labs with her friends and an army of darkshells, rescuing the much-lobotomized alien hybrid “Alice” and doing a lot of damage. Artemis dosed her with nerve gas, but she survived.

To punish her and her friends for striking at him, he burned Adrian’s yacht down with the captain, Hans, aboard. He had Blake captured by the inquisition and rescued by the forces of Hell. But for Genevieve, he tortured and killed her father and burned his house down.

Before Artemis could take further action, Elbert Graves (Genevieve’s husband) gave him evidence of blackmail evidence primed to strike a blow at public acceptance, legal operation, and other aspects of Seer’s empire. Seer backed down, but remains a clear threat.

Updated 2.10.14

Artemis Seer

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