Clarissa Evans

Demure Werewolf Bride


Clarissa Chauncy met Saul McRae shortly after February 16, 2009. On that fateful night, a wicked shaman named Camdenton attacked Old Man Marcher’s Place and Old Wolf’s dimensional haven, slaughtering Old Wolf and burning the house to the ground.

As Saul McRae worked to rebuild Old Man Marcher’s Place, Clarissa volunteered to use her engineering and blueprint experience to help. They hit it off, and began dating. In early July, Clarissa surprised Saul (now renamed Paul Evans) with news he would be a father! They agreed to marry on August 1, 2009.

Many events transpired in a whirlwind as they tried to prepare, not least the Chauncy civil war between Templar and Shadowrunners that destroyed Mumford Block and Bellchek Tower. Also during this time, Evans persuaded Clarissa to quit her job at the architectural firm, to basically go into hiding (after she was visited at work by Fawkes, a dangerous spy.)

Still, they did marry on schedule. They met in Favian Church with Father Abrams, Daniel, and Adrian as the only others there.

Shortly after the wedding, Clarissa was tormented by visions of Jamie Hennessey, her cousin, and the seamstress who made her wedding dress before dying in the Mumford Block inferno. Isis realized that Clarissa has Essence, has become a shaman! Clarissa may have created the ghost of Hennessey as a way to mourn.

Clarissa lives on a small island off the South American coast, in a big house built by a Nazi war criminal. She passes the time with her hobbies, learning Spanish to communicate with local villagers, and warping visits to Edge City to shop.

Her baby is due in February 2010.

March 2012

Clarissa Evans

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