Emma Pellwitch

Arch, wealthy, mysterious young woman.

  • Base 2, 3, 3. Dexterity 4, Manipulation 4.
  • Acrobatics 1. Archery 1. Athletics 3. Fencing 3. Ride 2. Bureaucracy 1. Recall 3. Study 3. Awareness 3. Investigation 2. Etiquette 2. Confident 2. Style 3. Intimidation 3. Persuasion 3. Seduction 3. Business 2. French 3. Thought Discipline 1.
  • Will 5, Enigmist.

Micah Pellwitch’s only daughter. She attended Miskatonic University in Massachusetts. She graduated shortly after Micah was killed in Edgarton in late 2008, but he left her a mansion on the ridge. She moved in, all alone. She is experimenting with philanthropy and socializing among the city’s wealthy.

Since she came to town, she has struck up a romance with Adrian Pellwitch, they are quite serious. They like to shoot skeet from the widow’s watch, over the ocean. They enjoy reading poetry while in bathtubs next to each other. And drinking wine while sampling cheese during storms. The sort of things most couples do.

Late summer of 2009, she rejected some of her old college friends, choosing to be exclusive with Adrian Pellwitch—an uncharacteristic move on her part. Her former boyfriend, Horatio Marsh, was furious. He kidnapped her and imprisoned Adrian, but it didn’t work out. She was kidnapped, traumatized, and sexually assaulted during this time.

She has a trove of documents and books in the basement her father left behind. He was an accomplished wizard of the Azathothian mythos, but she has betrayed no sign of having been initiated into it herself.

The Yellow Sign is printed on one wall, behind a hanging. That’s alarming.

She is vivacious, with very black hair and pale skin, bright blue eyes, a curvy trim figure, a wicked grin. She was a championship fencer at school, and she focused on ancient cultures and languages for her studies. Now she is independently wealthy.

June 2012

Emma Pellwitch

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