Jorge Malinta

Strange Old Gypsy


Adrian Pellwitch first met Malinta at Feducci’s Italian Restaurant (and incidentally, safe house for members of the Brotherhood of the Road.)

Malinta told Adrian the story of Adrian’s mother, how she met his father, and why their marriage was difficult. Malinta was unpleasantly surprised to hear that Druanna, Adrian’s mother, was killed in 2002.

In late September 2009, Malinta agreed to talk to “the Pocketers,” a subgroup in the Brotherhood of the Road, on behalf of Marcher (for a second door to his tower) and Adrian (for the Leatherbury Estate door fix.) Marcher’s price is the Amulet of Teliara. Adrian’s price is loyalty to the Brotherhood of the Road and the Pocketers, over his father’s objection…

Malinta composed a song to mourn Adrian’s mother, and played it for him. The sad, powerful tune drove Adrian’s familiar to reveal her secret to Adrian.

March 2012

Jorge Malinta

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