Olivia Valeschek/Snowfall

Owl woman, Familiar


All my pretty things make you stop and think
I must be a sweet angel
But when the glitter smears and the wires appear
You’ll see I’m horribly mangled

- Sleepthief “Sublunar (Sweet Angel)”
(~Kristy 3/11/12)


Olivia Valeschek is a young Italian woman from Vienna, a professional violinist at age 19. Her parents owed Marcher a favor, he asked for their firstborn, they agreed. Marcher called in that favor, claiming Valeschek to be Adrian Pellwitch’s familiar in June 2009.

Speaking only Italian and French has been frustrating as she traveled among Americans in owl form. In late September, three months to the day from when she was bound to Adrian, she broke cover and revealed her nature as a shapeshifter to Adrian, no longer a mystically enhanced bird but now a person too.

While investigating a witch cult in Cannich, Scotland, she was accidentally left behind at a witch’s house when Adrian and Meg had an out of body experience. She was captured by lizard men. When Adrian regained consciousness, he led the effort to rescue her, and she helped them find a piece of the R’lyeh Disk.

August 2012

Olivia Valeschek/Snowfall

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