aka Gil Franklin


Research in the Veil as of March 27, 2009

His name is Gil Franklin, birthdate 6.6.1966. He was a wealthy kid with an abusive uncle.

He was first caught as a costumed madman at the age of 16 (in 1982). The Veil notes 152 instances of criminal activity on his part, though he was only convicted twice. The first time he went away for a few years until he convinced the doctors he was cured. The second time he escaped in the breakout of 06 and vanished.

Over a thousand accomplices have worked with him. He attracts loyalty, and discards people when they are no longer useful. He has been in and out of the court system, an expert at arranging mistrials, hung juries, and procedural problems.

There is one picture of him in a mug shot where he is unmasked but still mentally Painkiller instead of Gil Franklin. His eyes are like snake pits.

Some other background

Painkiller was directly involved in disabling the previous Gray Ghost and ending the legacy’s active participation in the city. He knows the Ghost’s true identity.

After the Ghost fell, Painkiller worked with more than one criminal syndicate. He is the mastermind behind the drug Whisper, which has a trace of warpstone in it and lowers the gauntlet around the one who takes it.

Painkiller has at least one mobile headquarters, an old diesel submarine that lurks off the coast. It has a clear nose-cone and a big lab space and prison, and he likes to play the piano underwater. He invited Dante there, and took a sample of his blood. In exchange, he gave Dante a love potion (that Dante hid.)

Painkiller told Dante that he plans to seduce the Ghost, to make him a villain. Then Painkiller plans to move on, with that mission accomplished. Dante told the Ghost that Painkiller knows his identity and is working to subvert him.

One distressing move in this direction came during the werewolf civil war, when Painkiller saved the Ghost’s life using a chemical that forced werewolves to revert. Painkiller gave the Ghost a supply of those darts that made some solutions possible, and so far no one has seen the strings attached to that gift.

Painkiller is considered one of the biggest threats in the city, and he bears close watching.

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