Paul Evans

Metahuman master of energy/matter and timespace, married to a werewolf shaman and a soon to be father.


Evans is a trim build man with short ginger hair. Due to the repeated pushing of his Nova powers by Seer Tech his eyes appear to be spinning galaxies. He has recently discovered to to suppress this expression of his power and when he does, they are soft green. When he manifests his power strongly they glow bright. He is quiet as his mind is always racing and mulling over something. He continues to improve his anemic social skills which are inverse to his is astounding intellect.

As The Alchemist he has a somewhat brooding cloaked costume, goggles and breathing mask. These are all in gray tones.

  • 1 section of books on the occult, 3 rating, +3d to learn occult. From Adrian Pellwitch.

- Powers –
Molecular Manipulation (4)
Warp (2)
Efficiency (3)
Create Element (2)
Healing (1)

(Mega Attributes – Dexterity, Perception, Intelligence, Memory, Wits)


Paul Evans originally arrived in Edge City as Saul McRae a genius cybernetic scientist and Nova on the run from Seer-Tech with a commandeered Iago Unit (Basic Terminator) and a million dollar bounty on his head. He ran into the party while hiding out and started working with them in freeing fellow vigilantes and thwarting villains. He eventually ran into a vigilante named Eleven who was working to train the new Grey Ghost. She put her reputation and morals on the line and got the bounty removed from him and offered him a place in The Mausoleum (their lair) repairing technologies that they did not have the skills to fix themselves. He was eventually inspired by them and began to create a persona himself, The Alchemist. During the struggles he met The Chauncey Clan, a group of lycanthropes. After an assault by a dark shaman he helped to rebuild their destroyed house and in the process meeting his eventual fiancee Clarissa. He has journeyed into the spirit world (alternative string realities) fought Mythos creatures, Voodoo Goddesses and traveled into the Deep Umbra.

As a nova his powers have continued to expand. Initially he has had control over non-living matter, transforming animating and otherwise commanding it. He was taught by spirits how to breach timespace and manifest gates from one part of the material world to another. He has pushed his skill in molecular manipulation to frightening levels and has just conceived how to manifest matter from quantum energy for brief periods of time. He recently has expand his abilities and currently to heal others no matter how grievous the wound.

His journey has taken a dark path as his Chauncey allies split into factions and turned on each other. During this time Clarissa declared that she was pregnant. This has been a shock as he had a very distant parents. The couple eventually worked out how to have a wedding and honeymoon in spite of Werewolf feuds, Otherworldy Drug wars and an infestation of insane chaos laden ratmen known as skaven and a war machine bent on destroying multiple dimensions.

When the smoke and insanity cleared the Chauncey clan has been shattered, the Shadowrunners slain, the drug factory self destructed and its producer in hiding, the ratmen exterminated and the war machine brought to a halt before fortress square. On top of that Clarissa spontaneously developed shaman abilities.

To keep his wife and unborn child a degree safer they now live in another hemisphere. His mastery of Warp keeps him in easy contact with her. She gets to live in in a tropical paradise and explore new possibilities in her life.

Saul now juggles his duties to The Grey Ghost, trying to serve as a vigilante protector for Edge City and be a good husband and soon to be father.

Paul Evans

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