Edge City

No Time to Waste!
Terrible Secrets...


As Daniel and Amy finish pulling back from their positions flanking Oaken Arms, Genevieve takes Blake and Adrian and races for Fortress Square. They arrive, breathless, and Genevieve drags them through mirrors in the lobby to come out of mirrors on the 8th floor, overlooking a fancy dinner. They find the Cleaner, convulsing. He was put into a coma by a drug from Painkiller, who sketched a guardian angel in chalk over the fallen assassin.

Genevieve sees Painkiller’s surveillance gear, and telepathically scans for him. She finds him in the basement, but escape is a higher priority. Adrian lures the guards away with phantom noises, then they rappel out of the window using the Cleaner’s gear. Genevieve updates the Ghost telepathically as the Ghost fights to close the ninja trap in Torpedo Bay.

They relax at Adrian’s yacht, talking about Painkiller’s past. They watch the news and see that many ninja are captured on the ship.

Tuesday, January 19

As Adrian meditates, Genevieve dives into the books taken by the Dusk clan. She learns that Seertech trusts the Dusk Clan enough to pay them in stock, both laundering the dirty money and avoiding liquidity issues. Stockpiled dirty money is stored in safehouses (location unknown, but amounts listed) and a fictional person called “Ray Jackson” is getting most of the shares that go to the Dusk Clan.

Genevieve takes this information to the Mausoleum and meets with the Ghost, who asks her to work out the business of draining the Dusk Clan’s accounts. Also, the Ghost indicates it will not be long before some plan is in place to deal with the Chaise International business deal.

Adrian spends the day shopping for ancient movies with Emma, and Blake gets some new clothes and goes house hunting, finding a lovely place on Abraham Court. (On Five Stones’ recommendation, he contacts Maloney and B, a real estate agency; they send Karen to help him out.) He explores the place, charmed by its vague menace and obvious age, then signs a six month lease with Karen and takes possession. The basement is disconcerting, and Blake thinks he feels something almost alive behind one wall. Plus, there are strange symbols scribbled here and there.


That night, on the news, Daggett Industries reported the upcoming unveiling of a revolutionary product in the field of philanthropy. (Chaise International no longer has anything to announce. It was not in the news, but Daggett raided Chaise for this new product.)

In other news, 32 of the ninja were captured, framed with guns and drugs and child pornography at the barge. The sergeant in charge of the raid will likely get a promotion. The ninja are being kept in the detention center Downtown.

Genevieve is interrupted by a proximity alarm at the foot of the driveway. She goes to talk to Tarasuko, quasi-freelance Zen archer of the Dusk Clan, who wants to make sure Genevieve and her allies do not plan to escalate against the larger Dusk Clan. The negotiations end with cautious agreement to leave each other alone.


Genevieve, Adrian, and Blake converge on the yacht. A Pocketer meets with Adrian, who is not ready to give an answer yet (so the Pocketer leaves.) They head to Settler, and talk to Skiff, who is really happy with the outcome. He will keep an eye on the ninja, who have pulled back to the Seertech facility in the face of their devastating setback.

Genevieve relieves Daniel as guard, and Adrian goes with Blake to check out his new house.

Abraham Court

Adrian finds Enochian symbols like those used by the Order of St. Michael, Inquisition. They are not supernaturally effective, but superstitious occult instead. Adrian enjoys a tour of the house and grounds. Both Blake and Olivia play the gorgeous grand piano in the music tower. Adrian scrutinizes the various occult signs all over the property, including an orrerry of Sirius the Dog Star’s affective sphere on astral currents.

Adrian spends the night in the tower bed, Blake dozes in a chair.

Wednesday, January 20

Genevieve joins them, looking the place over. She goes to the basement and senses some kind of energy behind the wall, and the basement is full of the corpses of spirits drawn and drained by an unconscious starvation.

She looks back in time and sees men in trench coats with torches manacling a woman in an alcove and walling her in. They call her Lady Kennedov! Then the vampire cries out to Genevieve, sensing her presence across time; as Genevieve returns to the present, something behind the wall shifts…

Into the Box
Rolling the Ninja

Prow of Revelations

The characters have a lengthy conversation about the possible leverage and tactics provided by knowledge of Hatamatsu’s grandson, and other various plots and issues at work in the city.

They decide to pay Hatamatsu a visit.

Oaken Arms

Genevieve goes in alone and unarmed, scouting the place even as she meets Hatamatsu for an early-morning negotiation. She tells him of his grandson, and asks him to give up his ambitions to get a seat on the Settler Council. He does not react well, and lets her leave alive but offers nothing else for her information.

Adventures in Mirror Stepping

Spooked that she might be followed, Genevieve broke into a gas station bathroom and mirror stepped out.

She dropped by the Mausoleum through the mirror, and met with the Ghost. She updated the Gray Ghost on the conversation with Hatamatsu and saw the Ghost loading up equipment for the ninja take-down. Genevieve downloaded the blueprints for Oaken Arms as of a year ago, and headed for home.

Genevieve stepped out in Favian Mansion and talked with Graves, who told her the cook had been suborned and was now gone. Graves talked with the other staff about accepting bribes to spy. Graves also mentioned he had some day trips lined up. Genevieve got some affection and some rest.

The Yacht

Blake woke from a nasty recurring nightmare, and spent the rest of the morning reading occult research until breakfast, when Adrian and Genevieve joined him. Genevieve called in Amy Dobson and gave her the blueprints and neighborhood map, so she could plan a tactical assault.

They make a plan. Amy trains Adrian on using the tradecraft laser cutter designed to penetrate bank vaults.

They get a note on the yacht that the Ghost is ready, and they travel to Oaken Arms and get in position.

Assault on Oaken Arms

Daniel breaks in from the roof of the building, Amy sets up a feint that seems like a massive frontal assault supported by snipers, and the rest break in the basement and cut through the bottom of the interior steel box.

The call comes in for the ninja, who go to spring the Gray Ghost’s trap. When they are gone, communications are shut down, and the three in the basement rush up and catch a guard, interrogating him to find out where Twinner (the money man) is hiding in the building.

They get to Twinner, easily subduing him and his ninja bodyguard, and Genevieve questions him. She finds out everything she wants to know, getting the ledger and also a secret document of offshore account information. Blake intimidates the ninja attackers trying to flank them, and they pull out.

Just as they are escaping, Daniel relays to Genevieve a desperate emergency call for help from the Ghost!

...But They Don't Check Out

Thursday, January 14, 2010 IG. September 13, 2013 IRL

  • Blake made a deal with Pillars, to gain information on the ninja situation if he made an exchange for her. He went into an abandoned subway station and left a briefcase, taking an envelope; the other person at the exchange was odd looking and super-stealthy, only speaking in an uncanny whisper. The other person threatened to kill Pillars if she ever dealt with them again! When Blake gave Pillars the envelope, she gave him an envelope. She also told him that Jonin Carmine has Hatamatsu’s (leader of the Dusk Clan South Annex in Settler) grandson, and Hatamatsu doesn’t know it. Her “help” made their lives a lot more complicated as they tried to figure out what to do with that information.
  • Genevieve rigorously cross-checked it, and found out this seemingly simple family hostage situation was complicated. The boy’s mother was a CIA asset thought killed, the boy was raised with support from a trust fund set up by the Dusk Clan that Hatamatsu probably didn’t even know about.
  • Genevieve told the Ghost that the Cleaner is in town to kill him; the Ghost takes that under advisement and works with Genevieve on setting up a trap for the ninja so they can clear the ninja bid for power in Settler.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Genevieve calls in Amy and meets Blake and Adrian at the yacht. (Daniel continues guarding the rescued hostage in her concrete room in the Favian Manor basement.)

Amy starts training Blake on firearms and explosives. The characters discuss what to do with Pillars “gift” of information; they want influence over the ninja, without getting sucked into ninja politics. Also, how can they separate the ninja from their employers, Seertech? No one wants to be identified and targeted by ninja for their involvement, so the situation gets pretty complex.

Barnacle Bar

Genevieve is summoned to the Barnacle Bar, she talks to Swashbuckler. The Ghost asked Swashbuckler for modular office furniture and a tanker that the Swashbuckler was saving for a rainy day. These are being outfitted for the ninja trap. Swashbuckler is pleased to hear it is a trap to catch ninja, but he does want some compensation for his crew’s time, efforts, and his raw materials. Genevieve promises to talk to the Ghost about it.

Kryptma Returns

Amy and Blake are downstairs in the yacht, they hear someone upstairs, and investigate to find a very rude teenager. They suggest she leave, and she goes, stealing Hans’ coat. The girl, Chelsea, came in response to a summons from Genevieve, via bat skeleton (Mr. Kissynose.) She is NOT happy about seeing a demon on the boat.

Kryptma goes to Genevieve’s house and makes herself at home, grumpy at being summoned from her vacation in the Umbra to a snowy city. However, when she finally gets to have a settled conversation with Genevieve, she reveals that she is dating now!

Genevieve and Kryptma also talk about using the Pocketers to make an otherdimensional prison for… someone.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exploring the Background

  • Chatterly, Adrian’s occult contact, prepares a presentation on the basics of familiars in many traditions. After seeing the overview, Adrian asks him to look into the arcanum tradition specifically, with shape-changing bird familiars. What are the consequences of severing the link? Chatterly agrees to dig further.
  • Blake starts investigating John Chow, and Genevieve takes over, using the Veil. She spends all day at it, digging into the secrets upon secrets.
  • Blake stumbles across Olivia/Snowfall in human form on the yacht, and has a long conversation with her. He finds out she doesn’t like Hell, has been forced to make hard choices, and is a brilliant violinist (who likes lo mein and is awfully sassy sometimes.) he realizes she is Adrian’s familiar, and is badly off balance. As she takes a nap, he heads upstairs and bonds with Hans, Adrian’s ship captain.
  • Adrian finally confronts his father, turning down his father’s demand that he comply with playing the role he was born to fulfill. Threatened with an end to his father’s secretive protection and assistance, Adrian turns away from his father. After the confrontation, he meets with Vaselma Duwayles, the Pocketer who is looking to repair his secret dimension, the Leatherbury House.
  • Genevieve meets with Burninator to heal his broken arm, and they share some smalltalk before she leaves. Burninator warns her the Wilters will try to recruit her again, and it may not be easy to say no.
  • As they converge once more on the yacht, Blake observes (with some pique) that his associates are not warning him about all the strange people in their orbit that show up unexpectedly acting rudely.
  • The group also talks over Pillars and her past involvement and suspect motives, as well as hearing from Adrian that he rejected his father’s offer. They end on a reflective note.
Ninja Check In...

Monday, January 11, 2010 IG. September 6, 2013 IRL.

Making a Plan

Blake left to deal with some issues. Genevieve and Adrian talk on the Prow of Revelations about what to do with the ninja, then they go to Settler and meet with Skiff. They ask the Bounders to scout the Dusk Clan South Annex. Turns out the fence, Oxley, lives in the secured housing in North Settler, Renewal Valley, with Seertech personnel. The other lives in Oaken Arms. Skiff is happy to help.

They take surveillance gear to Oaken Arms and infiltrate to an abandoned upper area of a building with a clear view of the apartment building. They note the building’s arrangement and defenses, how many people, and so on.

Tapping the Phone

Oaken Arms has its own diesel generator, water supply, and so on, but Genevieve figures they could find their telephone system and hack that. Skiff takes her to meet Old Man Sasparilla, who accepts payment in kisses and Oreo cookies. He helps them hack the line (he put it in, back in the day), and Amy (who has streetwise and speaks Japanese) takes notes for them.

Amy reports the conversations are mostly petty thuggery, the Japanese conversations are the exciting part; the “package” (hostage) is safe, check in every hour. Amy will monitor the conversation for them.

Checking the Tape

Genevieve takes the video surveillance tape to the Veil, runs facial recognition on it, and pulls up warrants for those who have crossed the law. They also notice that the money men come and go, and there is a car with diplomat plates, a NATO representative, Pele Nelwire. He is Japanese.

Battle and Rescue

Amy notes that something is going on right now, Burninator is fighting near the hostages. Uptown. Genevieve contacts him mentally, finds out he is fighting a big robot, Daniel and Adrien and Genevieve go to help.

They arrive, Burninator melted the robot and is hiding in the water under a dock with a broken arm. (Windup, a meta who builds robots to build banks; had flamethrower arms. Windup summoned him with a riddle in the paper classefieds.)

Genevieve detects the safe house based on the guards, and Burninator steals a jet ski to pull the police attention elsewhere so they have a shot at the house. Adrian uses magic to stealth in, past the crazy cat lady (powerful ninja) and knocking out another guard hiding in the corner of the ceiling, then makes off with the prisoner, levitating her and her chair and getting out.

Genevieve searches the prisoner for bugs, finding all of them. Daniel says he had her rescued, he is Belphegor working for the Lord of the Air.

January 13, 2010

Genevieve telepathically contacts Amy, finds out where her bug-sweeping kit is, Genevieve goes to Besquelle, to the investigative office above the Snake Eyes tattoo parlor. They finish scanning her, then find Eudora is staying there. Genevieve assigns Eudora to dig up something on the NATO represenative (at 4 a.m.)

Daniel sets the hostage up in the basement of the Favian Mansion and guards her. (The butler does not bat an eye as they drag in a head-bagged prisoner.)

Genevieve checks in with Amy to see what she has learned. There is a meeting between the Dusk Clan factions to discuss what happened, there is a lot of tension. They brought in the Cleaner to prevent this sort of problem. The ninja think the bugs are under a jamming field, they don’t think anyone could have found and removed all their tracers.

Genevieve, Adrian, and Amy go to find Skiff, Genevieve catches him up. They decide to be careful, and watch out for ninja aggression.

Genevieve goes home, so does Adrian; Hans asks Adrian how long he should be missing before Hans should worry. Adrian suggests a week.

Mid-afternoon, Genevieve has tea with Graves then drops the video off at the Veil. Researches in the Veil to see about the diplomat, he is alone with no “dirt” on his record.

On the news, Burninator was chased with boats and helicopters and so on, capturing Burninator remains the Wilters #1 priority. No mention of a giant robot.

Adrian spends the day with Emma, watching her video collection of an artist. She is considering where to donate it.

Eudora Found Something

Genevieve called the office and talked to Eudora, who found something; Genevieve goes to the office in Besquelle, the door is open and a ninja is tossing the place. Genevieve chases him, manages to keep up, and when he pulls a knife she pulls a gun. She memorizes his face and lets him go.

The office was searched, Eudora comes down from the hidden attic. Excited, she points out it is not the diplomat. It is the driver, whose background is classified. She was digging into it when ninja came to kill her, and he was splashing gasoline around the office.

Genevieve suggests they are looking for the Cleaner; Eudora has a file for the Cleaner, INTERPOL designation, and notes that he is INTERPOL’s 8th most wanted. Never kills anyone from more than 5 feet away, goes after hard targets, works with Triads, New York mobs, and so on; 23 high-profile hits. (Eudora has a recurring nightmare of car bombs.)

Amy comes over to help, then Genevieve goes to the Veil and looks up the Cleaner. Third generation; the first Cleaner was killed in an exploding building while hunting the Ghost. The second fell out of an airplane without a parachute. This would be the grandson! Maybe a candidate for Dr. Fell is calling in a heavy hitter, making a power play!

The diplomat is in town to attend a symposium for a select audience. Chaise International is unveiling a collaborative project with a pharmaceutical lab—not common knowledge. Genevieve wants to tell the Ghost about this in person…

In Demand
Everybody Wants Help

After they climb up out of the underground below Torpedo Bay, Genevieve loops around to where the lady with the purple tattoos in her eyes climbed down to the darkshell protonest. She looked back in time, seeing an armored black Caddie with the woman, and four bald guys with bulging eyes, wearing dark suits. Built like neckless linebackers, the guards radiated a faint purple mist that was visible to supernatural sight.

The Party

The one year anniversary of the disaster at the Holloway Yacht Club turned into a charity event at $1,000 a plate, the proceeds going to a charity created by the inheritors of all those who died in the disaster.

Genevieve attended as a police consultant, Adrian and Emma went as a dashing pair of philanthropists, and Blake went as a +1 for a wealthy young woman (Ms. Drumwind), courtesy of Roftwielderant’s intervention at Adrian’s request.

The celebration honored the winner of the regatta first. Then the top five philanthropists; Jeremiah Seer came in first, and the Chaise family came in third. Then there were civic achievement awards. Finally, a memorial section was solemnized by a moving speech delivered by Commissioner Felton.

Afterwards the orchestra played for ballroom dancing, and they performed a piece commissioned for the event.

The characters got to chat with Jeremiah Seer, Hammerhand, and other luminaries at the event. Adrian’s father surprised him at the event, greeting him and noting they needed to talk. Genevieve noticed a strange ugly man radiating a little purple energy, and she asked Daniel to tail him. Meanwhile Blake interviewed one of the man’s decorative escorts, and found out his name was Charles Adderwin.

When Genevieve got home, Daniel reported to her with the hotel and room number of the strange fat man, and she considered more research before taking action.

Sunday, January 10

Genevieve snuck into the Mausoleum and used the Veil to look up more on Charles Adderwin. He is a purchasing agent for the Science Development Department of the South American branch of Yutani Industries, based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Genevieve flags him in the system and leaves a note for the Gray Ghost.

The characters gather at Adrian’s yacht around lunchtime, and as they discuss Adderwin, Adrian’s father joins them again. He has a heart-to-heart with Adrian, telling him he needs to stop goofing off and become a powerful leader with the Golden Tree Manse; something dangerous is coming, and they need his help. Then his father leaves, for now.

The characters talk over their situation and think about what to do next regarding the purple energies and how they relate to the darkshells and the woman with the purple tattoos in her eyes.


Wayland Skiff sends a message to Genevieve at her house, and Graves calls her to relay it. She gathers up the other characters and goes to meet Skiff. He tells her that the Settler Dusk Clan Annex wants a seat on the Council, and they kidnapped Myrna’s granddaughter to use as leverage. Myrna, a respected member of the Council, could get them a seat. If they got into that position, they could become far more powerful in Settler.

Skiff can’t get involved, and the kidnapping took place far from Settler. Myrna’s granddaughter is a perky schoolteacher in her 20s, red hair and green eyes, at Spencer Prep School in Dencentrael. She lives at the school. Her name is Lisa Preston.

Skiff estimates there are about 40 ninja involved in the Settler clan, led by Hetsumaru with Tarasuko as a troubleshooter that works for Jonin Carmine (who runs the Dusk Clan for the rest of the city.) Possible weak points may be the publically-known money men, Carl Oxley and Bail Twinner. That’s about all he knows.

The characters agree to help, and contemplate their next move.

Directing Traffic
The End of the World Looms

January 7, 2010 IG. July 20, 2013 IRL.

Blake had three nights in a row with the same horrific dream of the world ending in a city. He called his Five Stones contact, Camelbert, who told him the city was Edgarton. Blake rented a car in Kingsport and drove there immediately.

The Locals

Camelbert made him welcome at the Five Stones offices Downtown until Genevieve, Adrian, and Daniel joined Blake in a meeting room there. They had an intense session of briefing and debriefing. Genevieve watched the dream replay in Blake’s mind telepathically.

After orienting the demon to life in Edgarton, they took him out to eat at the revolving restaurant Downtown.

There he met Pillars, a secubus who told him he was a demon prophet who was to sort out the threat to the end of the world. Once it was safe again, the Brass Embassy could open in Edgarton. Unsettled, he withdrew from that conversation and reported it to his new allies.

upon returning to Adrian’s yacht they met Amancio, steward of a safehouse for the Brotherhood of the Road. Amancio reported darkshell traffic in the sewers outside the safehouse, twice a week, and asked them to come check it out.

Then Genevieve took them to an arranged meeting in Stone Garden so the Gray Ghost could get acquainted with Blake, since he would be operating in the city for at least the immediate future.

Friday, January 8

Adrian and Emma spent quality time together, and Adrian got a telegram inviting him to the Silver Twilight Lodge charity event the following Saturday.

Blake read up on Seertech and Edgarton.

Genevieve checked in with her investigative group, namely Amy Dobson, and got more information on Elle Pardon—more than she bargained for. She commissioned Dobson to go back and find out even more about a deal between Sundown Pharmaceuticals and Chaise International.

Running of the Darkshells

After an eventful day, they gathered at the yacht then went to Torpedo Bay, getting into the safehouse and checking signs of darkshell activity. Adrian’s magic allowed him to track the darkshell trail to a strange chamber of water under the street. They hid and watched as a young woman with long black hair and a black dress (and purple tattoos in her eyes) summoned a mass of darkshells to fawn at her feet, like she was their queen. They started drooling resin to crust up a nest. When they left, the investigators retreated also, after Daniel climbed up to see what street intersection was above the budding nest.

Things to Avoid

December 27, 2009.

INTERPOL apprehended Freezer Burn, a meta scientist who perfected cryogenics. He captured almost thirty of what he considered the finest specimens of humanity, and stored them in a nuclear bunker deep below a vineyard outside Paris. When the end of the world comes, the best and the brightest could emerge to reshape what follows. His list had Genevieve Malone on it—what if he DID capture her and fake her death as he did the others? He was captured on December 26, and Genevieve worked with a few select allies to arrange for her resurrection to be announced on January 1, 2010. Graves was instrumental in tracking down Freezer Burn, and in implementing this plan to “resurrect” his wife.

Gathering in Kingsport

Adrian Pellwitch met up with Emma Pellwitch at a nice restaurant, and she worked her way through forgiving him for going on a tour of Europe instead of staying with her. She agreed to help decorate the Kingsport Historical Society Museum for his New Year’s Eve (eve) party. Curator Hart would be on vacation, but trusted Adrian with the keys to the building while he was gone.

Meanwhile a soft-spoken demon who sounded like he came from the American South called Pellwitch. The demon, Blake, was troubled with apocalyptic images of something hanging against a technicolor background, menacing the world. In the foreground was an impossible fin of rock, a vast cliff. He talked to his associates at Five Stones (who trusted him more or less because he gets visions of threats and tries to stave off the end of the world—he likes it here) and they gave him Adrian’s number as an expert on Kingsport. The cliff in his dreams matched the Kingsport Head exactly. Adrian agreed to meet him.

Meg arrived in town with Daniel, Graves and Echran went on to Edge City to set things up for her coming-out resurrection party. Meg swung by Chief Crane’s house to find he was in the hospital. He was shot during a raid on the Sylvan Night, a cult responsible for six murders in the last few months. Throats slit, human bite marks all over the victims. Crane asked for her to help as a consultant, whether Captain Blair likes it or not (Blair being the acting chief.)

Blair dismissively assigned Meg to the Mercer Art Gallery to look for leads; the missing cult leader was Josephine Garsetti, an artist.

The Informant

Chief Crane was the only one who knew that the cult was brought down because of an insider turned informant, Andrea Pentargon (now Myra Smith) hidden in an apartment building in Hillside. He trusted that information to Meg, who sent Danial to go collect her and bring her to the yacht.

Once there, the kidnap victim Ms. Pentargon explained she had been friends with Jo for years, mostly roommates. They met at Boston University and shared an interest in the occult and fast living. When they moved to Kingsport for the summer season, Andrea came along so Jo would not have to live with her mother, who has a house nearby.

In August they met Zeke Crater at the Rope and Anchor, a seedy establishment. Crater invited them to crazy parties at his mansion down the coast. Crater liked Jo, they started meeting outside the parties.

Then Jo cut him off and started a cult, with people she met at Crater’s parties. When Andrea saw her do a human sacrifice, she knew it had gone too far, and she turned informant.

Andrea noted that Jo spent a lot of time with a book, Scriptures of the Riven Valley. And that she was a great artist, painted a kind of truth.

Knowing they didn’t have the full story, they left Daniel guarding Andrea. Meg slipped into the police station and worked with Officer White to get a look at the files while Captain Blair was not around, noting the nature of those killed, and the scenes of the killing, and how there seemed to be an initial pattern that fell apart.

The Gallery

They took Blake along to the gallery, and he smooth-talked the attractive docent there, a woman named Alice DuMort. Blake bought a picture of a menacing church in an amateur style, by Pickman. He chatted with DuMort, who told him she would not display Garsetti’s barbaric paintings. That led to discussing a missing person, Gavin Keetling, a local businessman who met Garsetti here. (DuMort did not approve.) DuMort suggested Garsetti was into drugs, and pulled Keetling in as well. She gave Blake contact information for Keetling’s sister Sarah, and noted Keetling purchased some of Garsetti’s work that might be at his home.

The Keetling Residence

They went to see Sarah, a disapproving woman, Gavin’s sister. She had nothing nice to say about her brother getting in with the wrong crowd, but did not know he was involved with Garsetti; she just knew he was writing big checks to people she didn’t know. They had an argument about it, he stormed out, and she had not seen or heard from him. That was several days ago, but the incompetent police figure he’s taking a break, they are not looking for him hard.

Looking at the creepy pictures Gavin hung in his study, and seeing they were Garsetti’s work, and they meshed with Blake’s visions of impending danger, they were alarmed to find a note from Jo to Gavin to meet in the Rope and Anchor because “an important time for both of us draws near.” Was he to be a sacrifice?

The Scene of the Raid

They broke into the abandoned house where the police raid went down a few days ago, where the homeless girl was shot and most of the cult driven off or captured. Only Jo got away, as far as they can tell. (And the two cultists that were captured died of spontaneous combustion in their cells! A trick far beyond little Jo.)

In looking back in time at the raid, Meg saw a strange stone like dirty amber in the bowl, with the knife; the sacrifice was to bathe the stone in blood. It was strong enough to eject her from her reverie, and they knew it was time to talk to Andrea again.

The Informant, Again

Andrea reluctantly explained that Crater had a stone he displayed before the orgies, he killed chickens and bathed the stone in their blood. Then Jo had it when she started her cult, when Crater dropped out of sight. She would bathe the blood of sacrifices in it too.

The expertise of the group leaned towards the stone being a tether and communicator with something beyond Prime, something that wanted in, and its portal was being charged by sacrifices as it made the bearer of the darkstone more powerful.

They released Andrea; she was in danger, but they were no longer going to protect her. They wanted Daniel along on their expeditions instead of protecting the informant. If she chose to run away, she chose her own danger.

The Rope and Anchor

They went to the seedy run-down bar, and dealt with Smith, the bartender. He let Blake back to talk to Crater. Blake and Crater could immediately tell the other was not fully human, if human at all, and they flexed and growled at each other a bit. Crater wanted the stone back, and Jo was using wards to prevent his men from getting to her.Crater offered $250,000 for the stone, and Blake withdrew to consider the offer.

The barkeep said Jo was probably in a familiar place, so the investigators figured they’d check out her mother’s place in Kingsport.

The House

Parking some ways off, they crunched through the snowy woods to get to the beat-up and run-down house. They scouted it, and discovered there was another dimension in a bedroom upstairs, and Keetling was inside, alive, and not doing well. So was Jo, strangely heady with alien power.

Blake tried to sneak up to the back in his demon form, and found bear traps. As Jo checked on his noise, Pellwitch glided up to the house with Meg holding on.

When Jo started shooting at Blake, he fired out a tendril to flatten her; Daniel used a concussion grenade to trigger the bear traps as Meg and Adrian rushed Jo and put her down.

Without further ado, Meg took the darkstone, and transformed her artifact-slaying sword out of its ball, and severed the link as it was her fate to do. Garsetti survived, the Dweller in the Void was banished with a shriek, and the world was safe from the climax the Dweller nearly reached.

Wrap Up

They dropped the insane Garsetti and Keetling off with the police, wished Andrea Pentargon well, and visited Crater to tidy up loose ends. His staff was shocked to discover he was, maybe, dead? He was a chitinous shell, and now it was empty; he was likely struck down by the severance of the connection with the darkstone.

They relaxed for a few days in the strange eldritch beauty of Kingsport before having a great celebration in the Historical Society. Graves and Echran also attended.

Afterwards, Adrian and Meg headed to Edge City, where Meg became Genevieve again and they both checked on a number of loose ends to prepare to resume residence in the city after an absence.

Free to be You and Me
Weaving personal agendas.

Picked up where we left off at the same time with the same people. Most of the session was individuals following their agendas. Here are some significant events.

People Want Meg to Investigate.
Eleven asked Meg to check into Dr. Elle Pardon—and make sure no one knows she’s doing it, including the Ghost. Meg gave the job to Amy Dobson, and got some information.

  • Dr. Pardon has worked for Sundown Pharmaceuticals for the last 5 years. They develop biotechnology out of vanishing rain forest resources, and she works with other companies selling patents to them. She may be working on a secret project with Chaise International.

The Ghost asked Meg to look into “The Tomorrow Society” for him.

Doctors Underground
Dante heard from the mysterious sewer friend, who snuck up through his Nazi hole and whispered to him that two of the doctors underground in their last mission were “Dr. Percy” and “Dr. Garver.” The doctors argued about what to tell the boss, and settled on telling the boss there was a power spike that wiped out the computers. The security footage was connected to the computers, it was destroyed too. The doctors dispatched hunters to capture some escaped “specimens.”

Dante talked to Evans about that, and Evans ran a search on the Veil. Apparently about 10 years ago a “Dr. Percy” and “Dr. Garver” worked on a water testing lab that was a subsidiary of Yutani. Evans also wondered of Garver was related to an Edgarton official.

Evans also continued breaking and entering, healing nearly 10 more cops and working with a number of dogs on death row trying to boost their immune systems.

The Wolf Head
Kryptma caught up to Evans and Clarissa and wrapped their upper arms in Ace bandages long enough for them to be remotely tattooed. Now they have wolf head tattoos, and they can telepathically contact each other. Evans also felt his unborn child pressing against the back of his mind.

Accords of Cooperation
Dante met with Commisioner Felton, and got the Letter of Marque and Reprisal signed. They talked about Swashbuckler and his press gangs and their current tactic of “Confess or Maroon.” Felton secured Dante’s agreement that he’d help with some negotiations to get funding and permits for the Civil Defense Force ironed out, and sent material to his home including psyche reports on some of the opposition. Dante studied it and set up meetings with three of the police captains involved in the negotiations.

The Treadwell Breakout
Daniel and Amy worked out the plan to break Treadwell out of the Fortress, and they took him to a safe house after faking his death by explosion. Questioned, Treadwell expressed some bitterness about losing the life he once had, and suggested that if they wanted to hurt the League they could check out Skyfall, Montana.

That night he was blown up remotely, and Daniel was caught in the blast too. While Daniel hid to regenerate, Burninator started investigating the explosion. In a conversation with Meg, he suggested that he though the woman with the purple tattoos in her eyes psychically tracked Treadwell to that location so the League could silence him.

Skyfall, Montana
Doing some digging, they found it was a carefully kept low-profile story about a massive meteor that hit in Montana, wiping out a town. Another town sprang up nearby to support the Seertech research and development and de-toxification facility, the Green Station. Turns out Jeremiah Seer personally ran the operation for three years, and it has STARS teams there.

Social Maintenance
Adrian visited most of his hideouts and spent some quality time with the Brotherhood of the Road and with Emma. He also worked hard on how to word a letter to his father about the death of his brother.

Something’s Wrong With Ghost
The characters have a growing sense that something is wrong with the Ghost; he is not patrolling or updating or monitoring as much, he seems cheerful and distracted and not very Ghost-like. But what can they possibly do? He doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.

A Shot in the Dark
IRL 9.7.12. IG 10.16-17.09

They took about a week off after saving the world from the return of Cthulu. Only Evans stayed busy during this time, building a nuclear reactor under his house on the island off the coast of South America, doing research, and handling various other tasks.

Evans Gets Around

Evans talked to Jack Bower, learning that the city’s civic resources were stretched super-thin after the assault on Downtown, and lawlessness was a real threat. He got a list of 20-30 injured civil servants that he could heal to help restore order. Jack also told him that the mayor was in talks with Seertech about possibly using GATbots to restore order, in the short term anyway.

Evans dressed as the Alchemist and ghosted around to 4 homes of injured cops or firemen, slipping inside and surprising them, healing them, and telling them it was for the good of order in the city. Then he slipped out as quietly as he entered.

Feeling good about the night’s work, he took one last look around Torpedo Bay and discovered there was a fire, with only a handful of firemen available to tackle it. He put the fire out, and told them he wanted to help restore order in the city. Feeling oddly thrilled and comforted by the energy of the fire he had quenched, he headed back to his island paradise with Clarissa.

The Grand Harvest Ball

Dante had lunch with Roftweilderant (who thought he was dreamy) to find out what upcoming charity functions the police commissioner Alex Felton might attend. She told him the Grand Harvest Ball was coming up at the Reflecting Park in Leverty, and it would be a who’s who event showing solidarity after the attack on Downtown by a giant death machine. He scored himself a couple $600 tickets, and contacted an escort service to get the superlative Amber to go with him to the event.

Meg decided to go to, taking Daniel with her. After a week of processing, his lights were back to red sometimes and green sometimes, and he was much more stable with compartmentalized perceptions instead of irreconcilable breadth of perception.

Meg touched base with Adrian telepathically to tell him about the ball. He persuaded Emma to go with him to the event, as part of their exploration of the city’s unique culture and artistic offerings.

At the ball, they mingled. Dante talked with Alex Felton. Felton asked him what he was doing, and Dante suggested he was relaxing on his settlement money from Seertech. Felton offered him an opportunity to help the city with his unique talents.

Adrian chatted with Jeremiah Seer, but Emma snubbed him socially. (She didn’t seem that popular at the event herself.) They noticed John Scott was present, and a half dozen other members of the Silver Twilight Lodge.

They enjoyed rickshaw rides in lanes marked off by hay bales (a hay ride for the wealthy) as well as pledging for people bobbing for apples, and a delicious dinner punctuated by speeches from the city’s finest.

The mayor suggested the city’s spirit had always been famous for its adaptability and willingness to go against the norms, and he would be counting on that in the future.

After a pleasant evening, they all headed home.

Various Passtimes

The next day was Sunday. Meg and Daniel went to services at Favian Church. Dante worked out with his personal trainer. Evans spent a lovely morning with his wife. Adrian passed the time with Emma. He also persuaded her to let him look at some of the books below the house in her unique library. She curled up with a novel while he dug into Revelations of Glaaki and learned unsettling things about an undead god-thing that created servitors from human shells.

The Rescue

When Dante returned home, he found a home-made shuriken pinning a piece of notebook paper to the doorframe of his kitchen. The paper had an address in Torpedo Bay.

Dante called in the rest of the group, who gathered at his house then headed to Torpedo Bay. They found the address in a basement office of Tailwind Shipping, an abandoned warehouse. Going in, they noted it looked unused. They followed a whisper of sound to the back, where a strange hunched figure whispered to them that someone was hurt and needed their help. They followed through a strange labyrinth of underground passages.

There they found Dana Spiegle on a couch, badly injured with abdominal cuts and some burns. Meg healed her. Dana wondered if she’d seen Meg before, and Meg insisted she had not.

Feeling better, Dana wanted to take over and direct the group back to where she found the darkshells. She knew the location, but was fuzzy on the details; she had been hit on the head and her mysterious benefactor(s) had given her some wacky chemical drugs that made her have a kind of a trip.

She was attacked by a kind of darkshell that put out heat, and spit fire, and made water into steam. She had confused and fearful memories, but they were sketchy. She checked the area out because homeless squatters there were disappearing.

After Dante and Evans expressed their thanks to the figure lurking in the dark, they headed out, with their shadow tailing them at a safe distance.

Daniel argued with Dana, and so she did not get fresh clothes as they went straight to the spot. She insisted on going along, until they talked her out of it and told her to wait in the car.

Into the Darkness

Down around the back of Gibbons Shipping, they found a cave with a broken fence. They headed in, and found a sort of robotics junkyard from the eighties. Apparently this had once been the lab of Doktor Laborious, a minor supervillain from the 80s. His area was abandoned, but it was fenced off from the underground river by relatively new chain link, that was very faintly irradiated by warpstone.

They found steps leading down into water, but chose instead to go through an unused door that led up some stairs to a door that had been plastered shut. Alchemist unsealed and opened it with his uncanny powers, and they found themselves in a modern and used facility.

Evans opened a warp back to the Mausoleum to get a mask for Adrian and an electronic lock-pick kit so Meg could crack the keypad and triple bolt steel pressure door they found. She got in, and they found a lab.

This lab was fully functional. It had specimens that were failed twists of Burninator and darkshell DNA that were on display, as well as a reddish flame-thrower head of a darkshell, tissue samples, and high-tech computers powerful enough to crunch genetic information.

Alchemist used his powers to destroy the computers, but that triggered an alarm. As they raced back the way they came, two IAGO units ran after them, firing assault rifles. They ran as fast as they could, reaching daylight and piling into the car and zooming away. Meg found Dana’s mind as the reporter was on the phone to her editor, and told her not to go back in there; the startled reporter agreed.

Alchemist gated the car to Daniel’s place, and they headed to the basement to catch their breath and regroup.

Furious that she was likely caught on camera, Meg stormed out and Daniel went with her, back to her house. Adrian hailed a cab to Emma’s house, Evans gated home, and Dante considered the possible ramifications of their mid-afternoon romp.

Easter Egg Hunt
Sinking R'lyeh

IRL 7.6.12. IG, 10.7-9.09. Meg (Daniel), Evans, Adrian(Olivia), Dante.

After they ran various errands and tended to their loved ones, Dante called them together at Favian Manor and told them R’lyeh would be rising near Easter Island. That meshed with what they learned about Stanford flying to Chile; Easter Island was a protectorate of Chile.

They got their last round of preparation together (including Evans and Dante releasing the prisoners on the island after Dante gave them a stern instruction to mend their ways.) Then they climbed aboard the charter jet and flew to Valpariaso, Chile.

They arrived about an hour after they left (time zones are weird that way) and went to the Chilean customs office. Dante persuaded the official to grant them all visas as business people who could help Chilean interests; they were authorized to go even though the island was off limits due to a criminal investigation, and their crates were sealed through customs.

Adrian rented them a boat and got them out on a two day voyage to Easter Island, while Dante read a guide book on the island.

Easter Island
They were arrested upon arrival and compelled to make a statement they didn’t know Stanford and were not connected to any of his recent crimes. Dante persuaded the Capitan that they were stupid rich overindulged American tourists, and they were dismissed.

They found that about a dozen people had disappeared, including a number from the visiting professor’s archeological expedition. They talked to Methridge, finding that he was into some fringe stuff (panglyphics) on an expedition from Miskatonic University. He was frustrated as the clock ticked away and the investigation into his missing party kept him from his (already hampered) work. They got to see some of the specimens he had collected; statues that looked like deep ones with long ears, a jar with some hallucinogenic resin inside and a depiction of a cthuloid and person touching some tablet with a sigil on it. Hm.

They went out and checked the site, but Meg could see the massive beam of lighthouse-like interdimensional energy pointing off to sea.

They checked into that later when they borrowed a truck and went alone. Evans noticed a glyph in the cave, Meg explained it would summon/contain a dimensional shambler. But they saw the Arc of Vlactos on a stone altar, so Evans animated the altar and shuffled it over to them so they could get a closer look at it.

The Arc seemed to focus energies into the powerful beam. The heads on the slope generated energy that went into the mountain, then was funneled up to the Arc to beam out, presumably to serve as an interdimensional beacon for steering R’lyeh to Prime.

Meg touched it, and got in touch with the first Chalice Bearer psychically. He told her the Blue Monument was used to dimensionally steer the “island” and her Elder Sign her future self made for her was a key to dealing with it.

Unsure of how best to deal with that, they left it, and in an earnest conversation with Five Stones in the Edge City office, Dante managed to arrange for a seaplane.

Pursuing the Corpse City
After nightfall the seaplane landed, they boarded as it refueled, then they followed the line out to sea. Around dawn they saw the incomprehensible city of R’lyeh, and Stanford’s boat had beaten them there.

They landed the plane on the far side of the island, and climbed up on it as some strange cloud approached. Then they were engulfed in the weird, and traveling more by will than strength and agility.

They found the Blue Monument, and Evans was adept at maneuvering in this dimensionally ambiguous place. He and Meg got to the top, they could see Stanford arranging his cultists to form a hyperdimensional coordinate to open the tomb door.

Apparently the reality of an Elder Sign, compressing reality to one dimension, was alternate to the reality of the tomb doors opening. The first Chalice that battled those doors and sealed Cthulu away needed victory all through the past and future to manage that moment, and what would actually happen; he needed Meg’s help now to manage what happened millennia ago.

Meg plugged in and turned the Elder Sign in the Blue Monolith, compressing the reality of the tomb doors and sealing them; the island began to fall apart, and Evans managed to gate them all off in a very risky move.

They ended up in an alley in Valipariso, Chile. Then Evans took them home, and they celebrated with contemplative drinking and relaxing in the Favian Manor study.


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