Edge City

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Against the Necromancer

Sunday, October 10

After celebrating their victory, they went their separate ways. The next day, Genevieve called in Jane Roftweilderant to begin planning a charity ball for Halloween, a Gothic masquerade. She decided to throw the ball on Halloween for her birthday, and donate the proceeds to Hammerhand’s charity.

Afterwards, she took Anna Burke and went to find the Shell Clan. She caught up to Blake in the sewers, and chatted about life and times. Also told them about the darkshell in the arcology; Blake was relieved, as wiping it out could displace movie night, and Master had picked Sleepless in Seattle. Again.

As Kinslton was having his breakfast volcano of scrambled eggs and sriracha sauce, Carruthers escorted Mr. Fetch in to see him on Baron Kennedov’s behalf. He just wanted to remind him to fit Indigo into his busy schedule. A friendly chat, and he was on his way. After breakfast Kinslton headed to Favian Manor.

Burr had a quiet morning of gun maintenance at Favian church. Lydia continued meditating to heal.

A Fallen Comrade

Adrian agreed that Snowfall could take the day off and get some spa treatment. He headed to Feducci’s to start recruitment of some more bodyguard muscle. While he was there, Alpha Wolf burst into the restaurant and told him Shadow Creeper had been badly hurt, and he had rescued her, but they needed a healer.

They went to the Stacks, to one of Alpha Wolf’s safehouse apartments, and Adrian saw Shadow Creeper in terrible shape and barely hanging on, unconscious. He went to the pay phone and called Favian Manor; Genevieve was out, but Lydia was in, as was Kinslton. They came immediately, and Kinslton used mythos magic to heal Shadow Creeper from the shadow of death to the picture of health.

He engaged in some awkward flirting that was somewhat distressing to Shadow Creeper, and somehow got into a macho contest with Alpha Wolf that immediately led to arm wrestling, where Kinslton’s scrawny arm crushed Alpha Wolf’s beefy arm in nothing flat. Now Kinslton and Alpha Wolf were bro buddies, somehow.

Assault on Acme Theater

Shadow Creeper had regained her composure and made clothes out of shadow, and she told them a necromancer named Thriftycycle was building an undead army in South Settler. The locals interred their dead in an unfinished sewer system, so there were an incredible number of corpses for the necromancer to pervert and raise. She tried to sneak past his zombies and take him out directly, but ghosts were a problem; she was spotted, then swarmed, and barely got away.

They returned to Favian Manor to load up, picking up Burr, Genevieve and Anna, and Amy. Amy donned her battle costume for its first adventure. The nine rode forth in two cars and a motorcycle; Alpha Wolf put on an eyepatch and Kinslton rode on his shoulder in raven form, and Alpha Wolf yelled incoherently something about being Odin.

Shadow Creeper guided them in past barricades and deceptions to get into South Settler, and they stealthily approached a theater built 80 years ago that spent most of its life abandoned. They made the approach, and were spotted by ghosts; they discovered Lydia’s sword has some effect on the incorporeal, if incomplete.

The Shambling Thing

The back wall of the theater ruptured and a 7 meter monster made of corpses lumbered out to attack them. Lydia held it in place as the others attacked it with magic, claws, blades, the Viper cannon, and whatever else was handy. It changed form, but was held in place by telekinesis. Alpha Wolf lost himself in the attack, and Kinslton found digging through dead meat with his demon claws was like a memory of better times; the arch-demon might have been bleeding into his consciousness some.

Shadow Creeper went for the flanking move, and Genevieve followed, so Anna did too. The rest of the gang put the massive shape-shifting undead thing down. It was held together by a kilometer of barbed wire where the barbs were necromatic glyphs; some sophisticated stuff. Hundreds of zombies lurched forth, and met gunfire and blades.

Thriftycycle the Necromancer

A hole burst open in the roof, and the necromancer flew up. He wore a meat suit made of muscles, with enchanted knuckle-dusters made of skulls, wings, bile sacs, and other innovations. The wings were flayed human skin, and it soared up as he taunted them.

Lydia hurled Kinslton at Thriftycycle with telekinesis, and the demon corax scrabbled brutally at the startled necromancer. Shadow Creeper joined the assault. After Kinslton delivered a Dread Curse right to the necromancer’s face, shadow powers slid him out of the suit; Kinslton brought it down as Shadow Creeper put the necromancer in her shadows to be dealt with later.

Mop Up

Lydia’s telekinesis helped mound a pyre. To keep it from creating a bane site or something equally awful, they called in Burninator to weave in quantum energies and burn the necromancy clean. He did so with enthusiasm, also burning the inside of the operating theater. Burr found and disabled a number of occult signs, and Adrian found the necromatic staff that was fed to the fire.


Dirigible Diving

They gathered in the concrete control room under the derelict arcology in Torpedo Bay. Mugsy was feeling much better, and contacted Tidelia with underwater speakers, so she would guard the boat and he could go along and help. Kryptma roused Lydia and warned her to seek help if she got scales, but wings were okay; wait, what? Burr and Genevieve traveled from Feducci’s to the arcology by borrowed car.

Genevieve picked up a lone darkshell nesting in the arcology, but they figured they would leave it alone and it would leave them alone.

The Pitch

While they were strategizing their next moves and getting in some meditation, Mugsy heard a hyper frequency (only dogs could hear it) morse code “Genevieve” and a number. She mirrorstepped to the Mausoleum to look up the number, she recognized it as a frequency for the transponders for the dirigibles.

While at the Mausoleum she met the IAGO assassin unit formerly known as Daniel Burke, now known as Anna Burke, who seemed acclimatized to the new body and witchblade symbiote. Genevieve found that all the dirigibles were in lockdown, at maximum height to stay out of the way of emergency responders unless they needed to dock for some reason. The dirigible in question belonged to a wealthy family that was currently out of the city on vacation. She also checked the origin point of the frequency, and found a closed down radio station in Foscoe Gardens.

They returned to the control room under the arcology. Lydia got a psychic picture of the location of the radio station from Genevieve, and she teleported there with Mugsy. Mugsy quickly picked up the scent of Echran and Graves, but still broke in to turn the signal off.

Ready to Soar

Meanwhile Genevieve contacted the Ghost, who was looking into something riling the Chauncies; when she was told about the frequency, and that it was off, she agreed to help them reach the dirigible if they went to the Mausoleum in 20 minutes.

Genevieve contacted Amy, who was worried about them, and had Lydia teleport to pick her up and return to the control room. Meanwhile Kinslton flew in bird form to scout the dirigible.

Because moving everyone would be difficult, Lydia teleported to the rooftops of Fortress Square with Burr to be onsite as backup if needed.

Kinslton flew up to the dirigible and saw the two wizards and their four lackies and some kid of dimensional shielding around the cabin. He flipped off the wizard, who spotted him with an enchanted monocle, and dove. The wizard fired a couple near misses after him before he reached cover in Fortress Square.

Amy got to fly the Ghost Jet, with Genevieve in the back seat managing psychic tac net and holding on to Snowfall, the poor owl going up in a jet. Others put on glide packs and held on to the wings behind miniature windscreens, so the Ghost, Anna, and Adrian could deploy from there.

Dirigible Assault

The Ghost Plane came in high, releasing the glide pack assault. Ana busted in and engaged two of the tough guys in hand to hand, Adrian shielded the boarders from magical attack and squared off with the Monocle (they weren’t sure what the leader’s name was.) Druanna bolted through the window and used her magic to fly, and Kinslton pursued her in raven form as the Ghost blew a stun explosive through the front windscreen, knocking two guys out.

The wizards had four schoolgirls on board, and dropped them unconscious through the floor. Lydia teleported up and down, using telekinesis to gather them close and teleportation to get them safely to the rooftops. The girls all had uniforms from the same charter school, so they’d be easy to place with their families.

Kinslton shifted to human form so he could use magic, and Druanna shot him unsuccessfully with magic; as he pounced, she went invisible, but he caught her anyway, nailing her with the Dread Curse of Azatoth before clawing her chest to ribbons.

Anna took a beating from the two tough guy wizards, then sent organic steel cables piercing through their bodies, inviting their surrender.

Adrian staggered Monocle with a magical battering, and the Ghost popped in from behind with a stunner to put him unconscious.

They rapidly looked through the dirigible cabin, scoring a couple laptops, a scroll case with Adrian’s wand, a crystal ball in a portable case, and Monocole’s wearables. As Anna stayed to guide the dirigible down and turn the four henchmen over to the authorities (she interrogated them and satisfied herself that as far as they knew there were no others from their organization in town) everyone else climbed aboard the Ghost Plane and flew back to the Mausoleum.


They returned to Favian Manor after Amy got a full speed victory lap with the Ghost Plane and Burr agreed to turn the two captive wizards over to her order. Graves didn’t like investigating for free, so he whisked Genevieve off so she could reward him for his efforts.

Burr transported the two wizards to a nearby town, moving them into an ambulance and going to a hospital where the Order of Hunters had a transport helicopter on the roof. The mission leader asked her if she wanted to stay in Edge City and network (they have a lot of prey go to ground there) or if she wanted to return. She decided to stay in Edge City for a while.

Wizards Gone Wild

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the previous weeks, Kinslton had help from the Pocketers to finish the containment circle inlaid in his basement floor. He had a cozy lair down there. The archdemon Oracle possessing him also started training him in demonic combat, capturing pigeons then releasing them into a room and attacking them boldly.

Kinslton also found out that the Oracle was looking for the archangel Haniel, who was into oneness and integration and the radiance that releases. No idea where to start looking, though.

Lydia kept up her duties running the bookstore for Lady Underwood, and also trained to become more situationally aware with Amy. She also spent a lot of time in meditation, finding the immortal sword in her shadow and learning how to summon it and how to put it away, binding it to her life force.

It was the night before the Golden Hedgehog croquet tournament. The gang wanted Lydia to come along, and arranged for her to go with the Edler twins. Graves was going with Genevieve, because Daniel was not available to go. Emma was going with Adrian. While they were working out their fashions, Mugsy called up Kinslton and arranged for them to have a barbecue on the yacht during the event.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Burr arrived in Edgarton with a case. She headed to Favian Church, where Fr. Abrams offered her awkward hospitality and contacted the Gray Ghost, who contacted Genevieve and the others. The Ghost asked Genevieve to bring Burr by secret paths to the Mausoleum. Genevieve and Adrian went to the church and took Burr through the mirror, emerging from the mirror to find the Ghost waiting for them.

Reconstituting Daniel

The Ghost’s research indicated Daniel could not be simply transplanted. The Ghost got a new body, and called in a favor with the Order of Hunters to get a witchblade. (The Ghost had talked this through with Daniel, who was willing to take on a female persona.) They watched the first steps as the witchblade woke after its transport, extracted Daniel’s brain, and inserted it into the body; the witchblade would act as a supplementary nervous system, and it also set to work reshaping the metal body.

Since the process would take some time, they went their separate ways. The Ghost headed to the University to nip a heroin ring in the bud (she had admissible evidence all rounded up, and planned to get the criminals to connect to it for delivery to the cops.) They headed back to the church and dropped Burr off, then went back to their party preparations.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It was a rainy morning, but Kinslton and Mugsy enjoyed their cookout anyway. Mugsy took the yacht out so Kinslton could be the figurehead on the ship in the majestic rush of wind.

The Golden Hedgehog

The Golden Hedgehog was a brunch this year, and had billowing tents over the whole property so croquet could continue with no water splashes. Cain and Abel Edler were very friendly and welcoming to their exotic companion, Lydia.

Then Emma brought Adrian a drink and told him to drink it all up in one go. It was not Emma, but a disguised wizard with a knock-out potion; Adrian almost resisted, but was captured. Lydia saw the event from too far away to engage, but rushed over and met Emma arriving. Alarmed, the women sought out Genevieve, who detected that a man had been where Lydia saw the illusion of Emma, and left a clutch prop behind. They followed the direction of the tracks a bit, out the back of the tent city, and saw several vehicles pulling away. Genevieve’s senses picked out the one that was cloaked in illusion, and Lydia confidently hoisted it off the ground with her telekinesis to prevent its escape.

A wizard fired an arcane blast from inside the captured vehicle, coring Lydia. If she did not have mutant toughness and regeneration, she would have died on impact. The target vehicle roared off, police and rubberneckers rushed to see what was going on, and Genevieve sent someone to go get her portable mirror from the car. She rolled Lydia into it, and found a safe room under the morgue downtown to keep Lydia in stasis so she would not die. Genevieve sent Mr. Kissynose to go get Kryptma to help put Lydia back together.

Spooked, Emma and Ellis headed to Feducci’s restaurant to sit tight and stay safe until the situation was somewhat resolved.

A Deadly Press Conference

Meanwhile, there was a press conference going on in Fortress Square, over budgeting issues for law enforcement or something equally dry. Both Burr and the barbecue on the yacht were watching.

When Lena Wilts started speaking, Mr. Mystery leaped down onto the stage, shouted something about resisting tyranny on behalf of the Gray Ghost, and blew her head off with an arcane bolt. The attacker leered at the crowd from behind an arcane shield as bullets flew, then escaped dramatically.

Kinslton turned to a bird and flew back to the city, heading for Fortress Square.

When Genevieve telepathically linked with the Gray Ghost’s mind, she found the Ghost was dressing and leaving the Golden Hedgehog to deal with this assassination in Fortress Square. They swapped information; Adrian kidnapped, Wilts killed by “Mr. Mystery,” Lydia mortally wounded.

Genevieve managed to scream into Adrian’s drugged sleep enough to wake him; he had a bloody jacket with him, his wand was missing, he was in different clothes, in a corner penthouse of a Fortress Square hotel. A SWAT team was pummeling down the hallway towards him. He managed to meld out through the wall to the long drop outside the window, and go invisible, and begin floating down as he got his wits about him.

Genevieve mirror stepped to Downtown, and the three of them met in a basement, quickly joined by Kryptma. Genevieve sent Kryptma to help Lydia survive. The rest headed to Feducci’s to secure Emma’s safety.

Countering Threats

They mirror stepped to Feducci’s, where the mirror room was a place for jugglers to hang out for no reason in particular. They found Emma and Elllis (the bodyguard) downstairs treated to a fine lunch in a room full of aquariums. After lunch, they took Emma and Ellis to the gate leading to the Leatherbury Estate, where she should be safe. Then they headed to Adrian’s mansion, to pick up his owl, magical armor, and staff.

Things got confused. There were reports of the Gray Ghost in a gunbattle with the Gray Ghost on rooftops downtown. Genevieve contacted the Ghost, who was escaping after the other Ghost (who had supernatural powers) bugged out of the fight, but the Ghost figured she could escape through the sewers. She also asked that Genevieve contact Burninator and steer him away; the city was getting locked down, and he couldn’t help. (Genevieve contacted him, steered him away with expected reluctance on his part, and kept tabs on the Ghost until she was safe.)

Talking with Burr, they found out she was in town to disable and capture a wizard of the Eternal Order of Shadow known as Malik West. Adrian recognized that as more of an alias or title than a name, probably the wizard in charge of operations in America. That could well be the impetus behind this clumsy attack on Adrian’s identity.

Adrian got a call from his sister, Druanna Ericson. She called from the yacht, she had Mugsy under her control. She lamented with him how goofy the wizard in charge of the operation was, and told him the overall point was to chase him out of the city.

Kryptma brought a dragon egg to where Lydia was hallucinating between life and death. Kryptma put the egg in the hole in Lydia’s chest, and broke it, sacrificing the dragon’s immortality to rebuild Lydia’s mutant form, healing over half the damage the mystic bolt did.

Rescuing Mugsy

Adrian and Kinslton went to the yacht to pick up Mugsy and make sure he was okay. Mugsy was eager to go hide where Emma was. Snowfall’s doubt and native suspicion provoked a closer look, and Adrian saw that the image of Mugsy was a disguise. Adrian went invisible to see how the wizard would react; the fake Mugsy didn’t break character, but also lacked the super senses Musgy had.

Meanwhile Kinslton mounted the gangplank, determined in brief conversation Mugsy was a bad guy in disguise, and dropped the Dread Curse. The badly hurt wizard staggered to the deck and went over, disappearing into the water.

Adrian and Kinslton went downstairs to find Mugsy bound by spiders the size of a head clamping around his torso like a corset. Adrian made him incorporeal to slip him out, and the spiders attacked Kinslton, climbing all over him. Adrian helped by shooting, and they crushed the spiders.

The rogue wizards in town had a lot to answer for, and the city’s defenders were good and steamed about all these attacks. Time to hunt them down.

Spoiling Schemes


Shuttering Hell




Hell Strikes Back


Glim Rift

Here is a summary document.


High Spirits
Hunting Spirits

Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Night.

Mugsy starts his day off after “work” on Tuesday, not willing to be helpful until Thursday morning.

Genevieve goes to visit the Gray Ghost, healing her up and discussing future collaboration. The Ghost is wary of committing to working closely together until Painkiller is out of the picture. The Ghost’s priority is dealing with Painkiller, and then finding a way to close the Brass Embassy. And, after that, dealing with Ryan (a wayward family member.)

Genevieve fills her in on all that the adventurers have been doing, including the probable Seertech technology trap in Torpedo Bay; the Ghost is too busy to spring the trap, but offers Genevieve the chance to do so if she wants.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010. Morning.

Arke and Kryptma visit Favian Manor through mirrors; Daniel will put motion sensors near them. Kryptma will set up the shaman party to introduce Arke around. Genevieve sternly warns Arke away from nesting in Dencentrael; too close to sleeping with the enemy.

Genevieve and Daniel visit Blake. He reaffirms his loyalty. Later, they walk through his place considering potential security upgrades. Then they go purchase a piano.

Adrian visits Feducci’s and asks the Brotherhood to provide cartage to get the shipment of Chatterly’s books to Blake’s mansion. The books are delivered without any problem.

Arke hunts down a bane spirit and persuades it to teach him an attack gift, paying for it by beating a homeless man. Then he goes into the Umbra to find Bartholemew, his contact, and ask to learn another gift; he does, but his will is exhausted, so he pesters Bartholemew with questions until his curiosity is somewhat satisfied.

Adrian meets with Chatterly to get his report on birds as familiars. Chatterly reports birds are most often attached to strong wizards known as “weapons of fate.” Birds are bound for life, never released except as a trick. This form of slavery was banned in the 16th century, about the same time shapeshifting magic was banned.

When Adrian visits Emma later, she tells him about her occult experimentation after her father died, with ouiji boards and the like. She wants Adrian to help her continue those experiments, and he is hesitant and wary.

Stone Garden Party

Late that night they go to Stone Garden to the shaman party, a half step off Prime. The adventurers meet Kryptma and Red again; Red wants to hunt Fenris. They meet Ash and Nictu. The Masker (Keith) gives Arke a rain check on learning a gift. They meet Heston, Lady Boom, and Finn. (Lady Boom spent 13 proto-dimensions to close the Hellmouth, and she’s mad about it.) They meet Keenan, spirit hunter. Marcy, with Grampie Bone. Jim Wilson, the crab guy. Then everyone heads home.

Blake questions Smith about Kennedov with little success. Arke shorts out Mugsy’s television, so the bodyguard leaves the townhouse. Genevieve meets with the Shell Clan and is accepted as the jonin’s student.

Thursday, February 11, 2010. Morning.

Adrian takes tea with Lady Catherine Underwood, bringing a bottle of wine of the vintage of the same year the Leatherbury Estate was lost. Underwood gives him a ring to give Emma, but is concerned about whether or not he knows her well enough to marry.

Death Toll
Attacking the Defender of Hell

Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Morning.

Emma decides she likes (and will keep) Ellis and Grimm as bodyguards.

Arke goes to Dencentrael to look for housing. He rents a townhouse; Jessica approves, and Mugsy is lost to the new world of high definition television. Mugs arranges to have a day off to enjoy all the television.

Genevieve checks on the news until Adrian shows up, wanting to coordinate an effort to set up an early warning system to detect Onaga when he comes. Burninator comes and wants to talk to Blake; he used fire to attack Dr. Porter’s lodgings in Besquelle when an obscene monster tried to kill him there, and he wants to know what Blake knows about Dr. Porter’s whereabouts.

Burninator feels the city needs Tidelia, and she can’t come back until Dr. Porter and the CEO of Daggett Industries are dealt with, so he is frustrated. He offers to trade favors with Blake; Blake will check with the Brass Embassy to see what he can find out about where Dr. Porter is hiding, and Burnintaor will help him at some future time.


Genevieve, Adrian, Arke, and Mugsy go to the Leatherbury Estate and see how much of the baneful energy has been subsumed into feral rabbit life spirits, processing the filth and cleansing the place some. Adrian tells the story of the Leatherbury Estate to Arke and Mugsy.

Then they return to Prime, driving to Settler and meeting with Skiff. Adrian warns him about Onaga, ninja, snakes, and the Khan. Skiff agrees to keep an eye out for them. Then he updates them on a truce between Seertech and the Bounders regarding the waste reclamation factory in South Settler. Skiff also tells them word on the street is out about a secret basement in Torpedo Bay with forbidden Seertech equipment in it. Skiff also knows about new, less restrictive tech licenses going through the legislative process for both gat bots and cops.

Genevieve warns Skiff that Fenris is in town. Arke introduces himself as “Mr. Rabbit” with a business card and everything.

Meanwhile, Blake gets a message from the Brass Embassy, to prepare for a big event celebrating the arrival of the embassy’s defender.

As everyone convenes at Favian Manor, Genevieve gets a call from the Ghost that she is needed; turning on the television, they see the Downtown precinct attached to the hospital is under attack. They suit up, and go through the Umbra, arriving near the scene.

Death Toll

They push through the infernal energy, arriving about the same time Hammerhand does. He goes to work rescuing police from infernally possessed corpses.

The adventurers go back into the Umbra, homing in on a pinhole where the energies of Hell gush into the Periphery and Prime. They come out nearby, in the morgue, and confront an armored man who is animating corpses with hellish energy.

The armored man is gripping Hammerhand, pouring infernal energy into him; Adrian cores him with a mystic bolt, and shields the group as they retrieve Hammerhand and the dead leader, the undead scattering from them.

Hammerhand is infected with infernal energy, but goes to help the cops. The Gray Ghost tells them to get clear, she’s still fighting the undead. The adventurers examine the body, finding a recently discharged military vet who still has injuries.

They escape back to Favian Manor.


The news has pundits blaming the Ghost, and Wilters confirming callsign “Death Toll” for the meta they slew. Adrian thinks it over, and figures maybe “Death Toll” was a soldier who was mortally wounded and made a deal with demons to survive. The energy in the undead should dissipate with time, now that the connection is severed. Maybe Death Toll did not know he was the Brass Embassy’s protector, but the energy drew him here without him understanding why.

Genevieve telepathically invites Hammerhand to come to them, and he does; she uses her sword and her fate to sever the infection in his throat from where Death Toll gripped him, freeing him from a potential infernal energy infection of his quantum field. Grateful, he left.


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