Charles Adderwin (in the Veil)

Accessed by Genevieve Malone in the Veil, January 10, 2010

Charles Adderwin is a purchasing agent for the Science Development Department of the South American branch of Yutani Industries, based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His information is closely guarded, there is little to find.

He works for a director on the board. He is an executive with a level of discretion for investigation and following leads. He mostly finds promising technologies for Yutani to purchase, rather than developing everything from scratch.

Genevieve flagged him in the system because he was at the Holloway Regatta on January 9, 2010; he paid $3,000 for 3 seats and hired 2 escorts to be decorative at the event. Why was he paying to be there? What does a technology purchaser want in Edgarton?

He also seemed to have psychic capabilities. More worrying, he radiated a faint purple mist like those who guard the woman with the purple tattoo in her eyes. Yutani is connected to the darkshells, and so is the woman; how does Adderwin fit in?

Charles Adderwin (in the Veil)

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