Edge City

...But They Don't Check Out

Thursday, January 14, 2010 IG. September 13, 2013 IRL

  • Blake made a deal with Pillars, to gain information on the ninja situation if he made an exchange for her. He went into an abandoned subway station and left a briefcase, taking an envelope; the other person at the exchange was odd looking and super-stealthy, only speaking in an uncanny whisper. The other person threatened to kill Pillars if she ever dealt with them again! When Blake gave Pillars the envelope, she gave him an envelope. She also told him that Jonin Carmine has Hatamatsu’s (leader of the Dusk Clan South Annex in Settler) grandson, and Hatamatsu doesn’t know it. Her “help” made their lives a lot more complicated as they tried to figure out what to do with that information.
  • Genevieve rigorously cross-checked it, and found out this seemingly simple family hostage situation was complicated. The boy’s mother was a CIA asset thought killed, the boy was raised with support from a trust fund set up by the Dusk Clan that Hatamatsu probably didn’t even know about.
  • Genevieve told the Ghost that the Cleaner is in town to kill him; the Ghost takes that under advisement and works with Genevieve on setting up a trap for the ninja so they can clear the ninja bid for power in Settler.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Genevieve calls in Amy and meets Blake and Adrian at the yacht. (Daniel continues guarding the rescued hostage in her concrete room in the Favian Manor basement.)

Amy starts training Blake on firearms and explosives. The characters discuss what to do with Pillars “gift” of information; they want influence over the ninja, without getting sucked into ninja politics. Also, how can they separate the ninja from their employers, Seertech? No one wants to be identified and targeted by ninja for their involvement, so the situation gets pretty complex.

Barnacle Bar

Genevieve is summoned to the Barnacle Bar, she talks to Swashbuckler. The Ghost asked Swashbuckler for modular office furniture and a tanker that the Swashbuckler was saving for a rainy day. These are being outfitted for the ninja trap. Swashbuckler is pleased to hear it is a trap to catch ninja, but he does want some compensation for his crew’s time, efforts, and his raw materials. Genevieve promises to talk to the Ghost about it.

Kryptma Returns

Amy and Blake are downstairs in the yacht, they hear someone upstairs, and investigate to find a very rude teenager. They suggest she leave, and she goes, stealing Hans’ coat. The girl, Chelsea, came in response to a summons from Genevieve, via bat skeleton (Mr. Kissynose.) She is NOT happy about seeing a demon on the boat.

Kryptma goes to Genevieve’s house and makes herself at home, grumpy at being summoned from her vacation in the Umbra to a snowy city. However, when she finally gets to have a settled conversation with Genevieve, she reveals that she is dating now!

Genevieve and Kryptma also talk about using the Pocketers to make an otherdimensional prison for… someone.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exploring the Background

  • Chatterly, Adrian’s occult contact, prepares a presentation on the basics of familiars in many traditions. After seeing the overview, Adrian asks him to look into the arcanum tradition specifically, with shape-changing bird familiars. What are the consequences of severing the link? Chatterly agrees to dig further.
  • Blake starts investigating John Chow, and Genevieve takes over, using the Veil. She spends all day at it, digging into the secrets upon secrets.
  • Blake stumbles across Olivia/Snowfall in human form on the yacht, and has a long conversation with her. He finds out she doesn’t like Hell, has been forced to make hard choices, and is a brilliant violinist (who likes lo mein and is awfully sassy sometimes.) he realizes she is Adrian’s familiar, and is badly off balance. As she takes a nap, he heads upstairs and bonds with Hans, Adrian’s ship captain.
  • Adrian finally confronts his father, turning down his father’s demand that he comply with playing the role he was born to fulfill. Threatened with an end to his father’s secretive protection and assistance, Adrian turns away from his father. After the confrontation, he meets with Vaselma Duwayles, the Pocketer who is looking to repair his secret dimension, the Leatherbury House.
  • Genevieve meets with Burninator to heal his broken arm, and they share some smalltalk before she leaves. Burninator warns her the Wilters will try to recruit her again, and it may not be easy to say no.
  • As they converge once more on the yacht, Blake observes (with some pique) that his associates are not warning him about all the strange people in their orbit that show up unexpectedly acting rudely.
  • The group also talks over Pillars and her past involvement and suspect motives, as well as hearing from Adrian that he rejected his father’s offer. They end on a reflective note.



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