Edge City

"Hazard County" February 10, 2012 IRL

In game, Tuesday through Thursday, September 22-24 2009.

The Setup

Meg, Daniel, Evans, Dante, Adrian, and Merriweather were pulled into an adventure in Barneveldt County just north of Dencentrael. Detective Garth Wheeler, son of Max Wheeler (a pal of old man Malone) was stuck in an investigation of a once-proud family on hard times that was robbed, a string of internationally famous pearls taken. The insurance company, Rimant and Knowles, would not pay without evidence that the Hazard Pearls were in fact stolen and it was not a case of insurance fraud.

Since Malone was sick, he asked Meg to check into it for him. She agreed, rounding up the “Brain Trust” (as old man Malone called them) to help out. The Pellwitches agreed to help, even though Arius “James” Pellwitch sent Merriweather a telegram to meet at 7 the night after the alleged crime.

The Pellwitches suspected Arius at once, as he was a cat burgler out of favor with the family for stealing cursed items and getting them out of circulation.

The Investigation

They got out to Barneveldt, a half hour drive. Wheeler walked them through the police file, and the INTERPOL file on the “Accursed Cat Burglar” (who the Pellwitches figured was Arius.) They went out to interview the family, meeting a creepy old man (Primus Hazard) who spoke for the family and explained they were also missing some money and an important family document.

They saw the house was crosswise to a dimensional rift, shuddering on the edge of being pulled through by an alien lust. In their investigations, they saw evidence that an otherdimensional force was lurking in the house.

They followed the clues to the beach by the house, discovering Arius’s car. He never left after all. Veronica Pillars gave Dante a file, which was the missing family document explaining the Hazard curse and the origin of the pearls, to a point. They realized the house was on the verge of being sucked to N’Kai by an angered Tsathoggua, who held the pearls as precious and cursed Wilfred, the Hazard that stole them centuries ago.

Loading up with gear, they returned to the house. They had a chance to talk to a couple of the crazy family members (Saphronia and Caleb and Jimmy) before facing the great evil of the house’s secret.

Confronting the Evil

They toured the library, and more of the house, until Adrian pursued a shadowy form up over the roof, and looked into a barred window to see Wilfred restrained. They raced through the house and confronted Prime outside the door to the cursed Wilfred’s prison. He let them in, they talked to Wilfred, then he revealed he had been released by the burglar (and eaten him) and he sprang to the attack.

They used Dante’s unholy force of personality and Thompson, as well as Adrian’s mighty mystic bolts and Evans’ ability to animate his chair and restraints, and Daniel’s strength and grenades. They managed to put Wilfred down, and the mutant children he had failed to eat raced in to devour his remains; one threw the pearls at them in fury for killing their horrific progenitor.

The House Falls

No one accepted the pearls or the curse that crawled from Wilfred’s corpse. They sprang out the window, taking the hit of the fall, and the house’s occupants and energies were sucked down to N’Kai, and the rift sealed, leaving the shell of the house behind.

They found the owl-casting-style remains of Arius under a bush, his lock picks smished in with his remains. Adrian claimed the remains for the family.

Sobered, they returned to Edge City, the mystery mostly solved and the threat resolved. The police were none the wiser, but at least the insurance payout was no longer an issue…



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