Edge City

Ninja Check In...

Monday, January 11, 2010 IG. September 6, 2013 IRL.

Making a Plan

Blake left to deal with some issues. Genevieve and Adrian talk on the Prow of Revelations about what to do with the ninja, then they go to Settler and meet with Skiff. They ask the Bounders to scout the Dusk Clan South Annex. Turns out the fence, Oxley, lives in the secured housing in North Settler, Renewal Valley, with Seertech personnel. The other lives in Oaken Arms. Skiff is happy to help.

They take surveillance gear to Oaken Arms and infiltrate to an abandoned upper area of a building with a clear view of the apartment building. They note the building’s arrangement and defenses, how many people, and so on.

Tapping the Phone

Oaken Arms has its own diesel generator, water supply, and so on, but Genevieve figures they could find their telephone system and hack that. Skiff takes her to meet Old Man Sasparilla, who accepts payment in kisses and Oreo cookies. He helps them hack the line (he put it in, back in the day), and Amy (who has streetwise and speaks Japanese) takes notes for them.

Amy reports the conversations are mostly petty thuggery, the Japanese conversations are the exciting part; the “package” (hostage) is safe, check in every hour. Amy will monitor the conversation for them.

Checking the Tape

Genevieve takes the video surveillance tape to the Veil, runs facial recognition on it, and pulls up warrants for those who have crossed the law. They also notice that the money men come and go, and there is a car with diplomat plates, a NATO representative, Pele Nelwire. He is Japanese.

Battle and Rescue

Amy notes that something is going on right now, Burninator is fighting near the hostages. Uptown. Genevieve contacts him mentally, finds out he is fighting a big robot, Daniel and Adrien and Genevieve go to help.

They arrive, Burninator melted the robot and is hiding in the water under a dock with a broken arm. (Windup, a meta who builds robots to build banks; had flamethrower arms. Windup summoned him with a riddle in the paper classefieds.)

Genevieve detects the safe house based on the guards, and Burninator steals a jet ski to pull the police attention elsewhere so they have a shot at the house. Adrian uses magic to stealth in, past the crazy cat lady (powerful ninja) and knocking out another guard hiding in the corner of the ceiling, then makes off with the prisoner, levitating her and her chair and getting out.

Genevieve searches the prisoner for bugs, finding all of them. Daniel says he had her rescued, he is Belphegor working for the Lord of the Air.

January 13, 2010

Genevieve telepathically contacts Amy, finds out where her bug-sweeping kit is, Genevieve goes to Besquelle, to the investigative office above the Snake Eyes tattoo parlor. They finish scanning her, then find Eudora is staying there. Genevieve assigns Eudora to dig up something on the NATO represenative (at 4 a.m.)

Daniel sets the hostage up in the basement of the Favian Mansion and guards her. (The butler does not bat an eye as they drag in a head-bagged prisoner.)

Genevieve checks in with Amy to see what she has learned. There is a meeting between the Dusk Clan factions to discuss what happened, there is a lot of tension. They brought in the Cleaner to prevent this sort of problem. The ninja think the bugs are under a jamming field, they don’t think anyone could have found and removed all their tracers.

Genevieve, Adrian, and Amy go to find Skiff, Genevieve catches him up. They decide to be careful, and watch out for ninja aggression.

Genevieve goes home, so does Adrian; Hans asks Adrian how long he should be missing before Hans should worry. Adrian suggests a week.

Mid-afternoon, Genevieve has tea with Graves then drops the video off at the Veil. Researches in the Veil to see about the diplomat, he is alone with no “dirt” on his record.

On the news, Burninator was chased with boats and helicopters and so on, capturing Burninator remains the Wilters #1 priority. No mention of a giant robot.

Adrian spends the day with Emma, watching her video collection of an artist. She is considering where to donate it.

Eudora Found Something

Genevieve called the office and talked to Eudora, who found something; Genevieve goes to the office in Besquelle, the door is open and a ninja is tossing the place. Genevieve chases him, manages to keep up, and when he pulls a knife she pulls a gun. She memorizes his face and lets him go.

The office was searched, Eudora comes down from the hidden attic. Excited, she points out it is not the diplomat. It is the driver, whose background is classified. She was digging into it when ninja came to kill her, and he was splashing gasoline around the office.

Genevieve suggests they are looking for the Cleaner; Eudora has a file for the Cleaner, INTERPOL designation, and notes that he is INTERPOL’s 8th most wanted. Never kills anyone from more than 5 feet away, goes after hard targets, works with Triads, New York mobs, and so on; 23 high-profile hits. (Eudora has a recurring nightmare of car bombs.)

Amy comes over to help, then Genevieve goes to the Veil and looks up the Cleaner. Third generation; the first Cleaner was killed in an exploding building while hunting the Ghost. The second fell out of an airplane without a parachute. This would be the grandson! Maybe a candidate for Dr. Fell is calling in a heavy hitter, making a power play!

The diplomat is in town to attend a symposium for a select audience. Chaise International is unveiling a collaborative project with a pharmaceutical lab—not common knowledge. Genevieve wants to tell the Ghost about this in person…



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