Edge City

The Strike Ends

We pick up again on Friday, the fifth day of the police strike. Adrian was out managing the Brotherhood of the Road to keep their malfeasance in the midst of the chaos manageable.

Ending the Strike

Captain Blankenship ran the fire department. He pointed at the legal trouble over pension funding irregularities five years ago, that the first responders collectively let slide as long as it was corrected. He offered to have them sign waivers that they could never take action on that irregularity in a class action suit (which was a veiled threat that if the city didn’t play ball, they would be sued for a LOT of money.)

Commissioner Felton did a fantastic job of getting everyone back around the table and keeping them there. The city offered the police a significant increase in pay and funding, and in exchange the police agreed to work with GAT populations Downtown, Gantry, and Torpedo Bay with a streamlined permission process to deploy them elsewhere in the city should the need arise.

Genevieve and Anna were there for the signing of the documents that ended the strike.


Burr and Kinslton rode with Alpha Wolf on patrols, encountering the Mourner neighborhood watch. They hung out in downtime at the Blown Gasket, it used to be a chop shop but was minimally transformed into a bar.

Both Kinslton and Burr swore the oath and became members of the Templar.

Various Errands

Kinslton tracked Indigo down and spent some time hanging out with him, in the crow’s nest of a casino ship and elsewhere.

He also got authorization to talk to the meta containment team at Precinct 13. He got access to Dr. Chen Ellisario, who showed him the various collars, Kanza burn powder, brain implants, and physical restraints (as well as drug coctails) they used. And, of course, credited the durillium shell that hampered quantum energy so severely. She tried not to be creeped out by his interest in holding a meta as a private citizen.

Lydia (as Wraith) spent some time doing vigilante policing with Tidelia, getting some insight into the peculiar nova’s inner balance and capriciousness.

Burr got to try out her outfit and motorcycle (courtesy of Arsenal Fashions) as Valkyrie Jones.

Meta Brawl

Another Meta Brawl was in the offing at Olde Town, the tickets were $400 each as the strike was now ending. They again met Crossfade, who was making sure they were going to behave themselves. They saw another great match of GAT chess. Brotherhood of the Road provided various sideshow booths, involving more dangerous and advanced variations on traditional carnival games.

The main battle was between Hydra, a big guy with a lot of snake heads and necks, more every time some were lost; and Clobbermatic, an elastic shape-shifting anime geek. Hydra won when Clobbermatic basically swallowed him, and Hydra cut loose with gouts of quantum flame while enclosed.

After a great evening on the town, everyone went home, with hopes of a more orderly city in the morning.



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