Edge City

The Tusk of Spots

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adrian returned from Paris, where he had been negotiating a peace between the Arcanum wizards represented by Krydon and a vampiric consortium led by Velour. With the arcanists seriously depleted by their slaughter at Onaga’s hands, the vampires took over the Parisian core, and the wizards were negotiating access from the river to a row of townhouses in the city core. Adrian could serve as a mediator because both factions had hostile relations with the Brotherhood of the Road, and they counted on Adrian to be neutral.

After some relaxing on the yacht welcoming Adrian home, everyone went their separate ways.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Recon Teams faced a threat in a four block area in Torpedo Bay where there were 8 incidents that involved suspected meta assault on citizens. There was GAT bot footage of a couple of them, indicating extra limbs and maybe glowing eyes and the ability to scramble up buildings or make prodigious leaps.

Genevieve collected Anna, Adrian, Kinslton, Burr, and Lydia to investigate that evening. She got a tac net with the four local GAT vans, and also made psychic connection between the investigative team.

Testing the Waters

Kinslton flew recon, his demon sight allowing him to see a filmy green energy breathing up from the sewers. He perched to watch a person who had a chip of green glowing in him, a well dressed man chain smoking and watching a GAT bot who was ignoring him. The rest of the team closed in on the man. Genevieve questioned him and got some nonsense about how “they” would gather victims or something, and she determined he didn’t like the GAT bots, and there was a lair of some sort below. She called in a request to have that GAT bot removed, and it left. The man dropped to his belly and slid down a storm drain.

They heard of another incident in the area, a shootout. They arrived to see the GAT bots firing on a man in a suit who was shooting back with pistols. He was blasted to pieces then a Mr. Trashy was used by two of the GAT bots to hammer him down. Genevieve checked him out, finding he was licensed as a bodyguard and had permits for his pistols, but he was also infected just like the other man, and he had a weird mouth-like mutation in his chest.

Expanding the Posse

Seeing it was a shaman issue, she psychically contacted Morris Pennywise, and had Lydia pick him up. She also contacted Blake, of the Shell Clan, to help them navigate the sewers. It was time go after the infection. After twenty minutes or so, Blake showed up. In the meantime, Morris bound snowflake purity spirits into objects for the investigators, so they could not be infected by the energy they sought.

He also recognized the energy as coming from a powerful bane artifact, the Tusk of Spots. Somehow it had been freed from the radioactive wasteland to the south, and come into the city. Those who touched it could be infected, so if it was traveling around there could be a number of gestating fomori bane hybrids.


Blake led them through the sewers, and they closed in on where the lair was suspected to be, using the abandoned subway tunnels. They came to a roundabout where they saw 7 of the proto-fomori building a display center for the Tusk of Spots.

Lydia managed to pluck a fomori off the wall and bring it over with telekinesis, but it started rapidly shapeshifting and she dropped it, into a moat. The others charged, and while Kinslton intercepted them and let them attack him, Lydia grabbed another.

Morris managed to force the infection to personify, and he used its energy to trace to the source of the infection. Then he tore out the infection with Genevieve’s help, and bound it to a stone instead of a person. The victim was killed by the forcible removal of the bane spirit, but Genevieve managed to save him from death.

Genevieve connected Lydia and Morris’s minds so Lydia could take Morris to the source of the contagion with a teleport. They arrived, confronting a recently infected homeless man. Morris got the Tusk of Spots and disabled it, breaking the connection so the other proto fomori were disrupted and lost their source of energy. They were handily subdued by the investigators, and Blake retrieved the one that fell into the moat.


Lydia opened a gate, and the investigators took the victims out to the streets to receive medical care and be processed by the Recon teams. Morris bound the Tusk of Spots so it would not infect anyone else, and he seemed to take a shine to Lydia (who was not particularly interested in the teenager’s advances.)

The investigators returned to their homes, jobs well done.



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