Alecia Crenshaw

Fetching lady, former shaman, new werewolf


Seems like a long time ago this classy young woman with a talent for spirit manipulation fell in with the rakish golden boy of the Chauncy clan—purely professional relationship, of course.

They had a good run, even though it had its ups and downs.

Until she was brutalized and infected by a pack of werewolves.

With her Essence burned out and a surging Rage consuming her the likes of which she has never felt, can she hang in there? Amid her desperate struggle, her teacher, Tom of the Chauncy Council, is murdered. Taking a suitcase full of cash from Wanderer as he declares the Clan dispersed, she leaves, disappearing into the night on August 9, 2009.

October 2011


Alecia Crenshaw

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