Anna Burke

Terminator vigilante bodyguard


She is 5’10, and weighs about 450 pounds.


Originally built by Seertech, Daniel Burke was reprogrammed by Saul McCrae (now retired and renamed Paul Evans, and the vigilante Alchemist) in McCrae’s escape. He served as bodyguard to McCrae, who activated his learning chip.

When McCrae began working for the Gray Ghost, out of Daniel’s reach, Daniel became partners with detective Ulysses Yorkshire. Ulysses began dating, and had little time for Daniel, who was then hired as bodyguard for Genevieve Malone. Shortly afterwards, Ulysses was murdered by skaven.

Daniel continued working with Genevieve, then she decided to fake her own death to throw the skaven off her trail. He created two new identities; Grant Ryan as a civilian who knows Meg Hamilton (Genevieve’s new identity) as well as Anubis, vigilante associated with Isis (Meg’s vigilante handle.)

Late summer of 2009, Daniel got Evans to back up his positronic brain—a terribly risky procedure, as his learning chip has allowed overwriting of many key areas of his brain through experience and decisions. He asked that the backup be taken as far out of the dimension as possible, then he fought through the Huntsmen and threw himself in the Crochan, shattering it and killing himself. Evans managed to install the backup of Daniel’s brain in a new body, so he survived, in a way.

Daniel moved to the Crawford Place, left to him by Ulysses. It was badly damaged by Seertech to punish the vigilantes for not backing off their operations, and later, an ambush staged in the basement finished destroying the site. He moved into Dante’s cliffside house overlooking the bay, but in the final days of the Brass Embassy closure quest he was attacked there by a fire demon that nearly destroyed him. He currently lives in the Favian Manor, close to Genevieve.

He still spends much of his time supporting Genevieve Malone, as well as supervising the investigative group originally assembled by Graves and Tovkitch then run by Genevieve and funded by Daniel (somewhat mysteriously).

October 3, 2009, Meg and Adrian were trapped in an out-of-body experience. At a loss for how to help, Daniel isolated himself and accessed the data he had previously segmented off and compartmentalized. He struggled to synthesize into his current understanding some of his experiences with otherdimensional travel, altered perception, and mystic reality. The experience rendered him unsteady and altered his perceptions, so that his eyes glow green instead of red as he struggles to process a far greater diversity of reality than was ever anticipated by his creators. He navigates the nebulous spaces between what is and what if, slowed and unbalanced by the staggering computational power required. He has regained his balance.

Genevieve Malone was resurrected at the end of 2009, and Daniel has resumed his role as driver and bodyguard even though there is no contract between them. He remains committed to her continued safety and success, and he continues to assist her in managing an investigative group led by Amy Dobson.

After being nearly destroyed by a demon, his body was no longer viable and a brain transplant was no longer a simple possibility because of his rewriting of the positronic software and how it affected the hardware. He was moved over to a new body, and the process made possible by also merging with a young witchblade that supplemented his nervous system. Since the witchblade will only work for a female, he changed his identity to Anna Burke, and the witchblade made the necessary adjustments to his endo and exo apparatuses.

Updated July 30, 2016

Anna Burke

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