Baron Kennedov

Brooding lord of the Kennedov Estate


Kennedov is an ancient and powerful vampire, living on an island in the Tar river. He owns the island, and the castle upon it. He has a significant library of mythos and occult works that he does not lightly share. He has not been known to leave his island.

His age seems to vary with his mood and level of exertions. Encountered in 2006, he appeared fairly youthful, in his 30s. Encountered in 2009, he appears in his 70s, with long gray hair. This is not fully understood.


He has a son, Indigo, who previously frequented Besquelle. In 2004, out-of-town vampires went after Indigo to drain his blood so they could be more powerful. He was rescued by a meta, Roulette.

In 2009, Kennedov showed Genevieve Malone a room beneath his castle, built for a woman who was a “Chalice Bearer,” with certain locations on a city map. Malone used that information to acquire her Golden Sphere, the Bauble.

In January 2010, the demon Blake worked with Adrian Pellwitch and Genevieve Malone to discover “Lady Kennedov” walled up in the basement of a mansion in Gantry, at Abraham Court. Malone’s investigation through psychic viewing of the past implicated the Inquisition. They immediately told the Baron, who thanked them and purchased the house from Five Stones at once. The Baron gave each of them a big gold brick for their part in bringing this to his attention, and he put his men in the house at once.

Baron Kennedov

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