Never surrender. Surrendering is for geeks.


He has been a vigilante for about ten years. While he has never been accused of having class, he has earned a reputation for style. Somehow, in all his years playing with fire he has not been killed, nor had any confirmed kills to his name (in spite of several attempts to frame him.)

His secret identity is unknown, but his approximate age is mid-twenties. He has tattoos of flame up his forearms from his wrists.

His hideout is accessed through a supply shed behind the Commons at the University, down to a cave he calls the “Hot Springs.” There is a garage exit that is concealed from there, where he takes the “Hot Rod” out to fight crime.

The “Hot Rod” is a black convertible with flaming pinstripes that match his tattoos, and a flaming skull for the gearshift knob, with a chain steering wheel and a huge intake on the roof, red leather seats. It has received more love than the children in a family of five.

Burninator has endured countless change in Edgarton in his career. The loss of his confirmed associate Tidelia, a nova, seemed to affect him greatly. In the period of time where the Gray Ghost vanished, and all the vigilantes mothballed their gauntlets, Burninator was the last to do so, and one of the first to start; indeed, there is some question as to whether he ever gave it up at all.


Burninator tops the “Most Wanted” lists right after the Gray Ghost. The Wilters have been publicly vocal about their determination to find, expose, and stop him. A Hex team lured him into a parlay and dropped a building on him; only through the efforts of a team led by Genevieve Malone was he saved from certain death. His scrapes with mortality are too numerous to mention, or to remember, for a sane individual who continue to face danger.

In August 2009 he was rescued from a Quantum Labs transport train, almost dead. It was discovered that he had been repeatedly intubated by darkshell face huggers, host to a number of darkshells who will now template from his powers. He recovered in the Ghost’s Mausoleum. However, he was programmed mentally to want to kill the Ghost.

Leaving the Mausoleum, he went out in the woods, working on meditation and mental techniques to try to bolster his resistance to the programming. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Updated August 27, 2012


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