Merriweather Pellwitch

Line walking hippie weirdo


“Merry” was trapped for ten years in Kingsport by a book of poetry named “Dreams and Fancies.” It projected him out of reality, and he was caught because of the lethal riptide of reality damage cauzed by Tchulza’s bid to tear the Gauntlet open to the depths of space. He was rescued by his brother Adrian and by Meg, when Adrian pulled him out through dreams and Meg affixed a Great Seal on Kingsport.

He tends to smoke pipes and cigarettes, speak in a lazy British accent, wear rings on all his fingers, go barefoot, and wear loose black robes.

During the investigation of the Hazard Pearls, he wandered off, and he has yet to wander back.

March 2011

Merriweather Pellwitch

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