Morris Pennywise


The Sons Pennywise were a great force for adventuring, sleuthing, and swashbuckling around the world. Until all but two were killed. One was crippled, the other was a callow youth.

That callow youth grew to a fine teenager, taking the responsibility of being cairn guardian for Mother Wolf’s realm, on the Bawn of Old Man Marcher’s Place.

Until he was brutalized by the Shadowrunners, led by Hank. Bitten, his Essence destroyed, lycanthropy corrupting him.

Tom, a council member with the Chauncy Clan, was going to teach him to control his rage. Then Tom was brutally murdered by Thirsty Fenris.

Currently, Morris has access to all Jeremiah Mann’s considerable wealth. He headed to the Pacific Northwest looking for a teacher, leaving as Wanderer announced the end of the Chauncy clan.

Then he came back in January 2010, his lycanthropy healed and access to his shaman powers restored. Though he doesn’t know it, this is the result of a deal his brother Grainger made with a crossroads demon. He now lives with his brother in Edge City.

October 2011

Morris Pennywise

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