Veronica Pillars

Sexy succubus.


She’s selling a damned soul
To whoever pays the most
Her body – the cure
For all evil and good

- Moonspell “Devilred”
(~Kristy 3/11/12)


First appeared July 12, 2009, to Dante Comstock at the wedding of Christine Davian and Arturo Calvin. (Dante was invited by Selkirk Davian, father of the bride.)

Christine had offended Pillars somehow, so Pillars seduced both her and her new husband in the same day before they left the party, possibly ruining their marriage.

Pillars is suspected to have connections with spirifers, demons who steal and trade souls.

Pillars also lent Ralston, a Debtor, to Dante. Dante released Ralston from service several weeks later.

In September 2009, seen in Barneveldt township north of Edgarton, where she gave Dante Comstock a document from the Hazard family revealing the source and nature of their curse, for mysterious reasons.

Over the course of the end of 2009, she sporadically observed the party. She revealed her role as an advance ambassador of the Brass Embassy, representing Hell on earth.

In January 2010 she was tipped off by an anonymous source, and she took a team of demons and raced to free Blake from imprisonment and torture at the hands of the inquisition.

She played a key role in helping the investigators to find the Oracle of Orcus, a necessary step in shuttering the Brass Embassy.

Pillars’ current whereabouts and motives are unknown.

Veronica Pillars

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