Edge City

Against the Banewave

Fixing Tidelia

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Genevieve and Arke consult, and decide to take Tidelia into the Umbra to try and flush out the baneshift of her energy so she is herself once more. Genevieve collects her from the Mausoleum, and they wake her up. She eats masses of vegetables, as a former vegetarian, but with the bane energies she needs meat too.

She is a bit distressed/aroused by the energies of Blake and his nevercold brass coin, so Blake asks for Daniel’s help putting it in a safe, out of the way place. While they are alone, Daniel tells Blake that he is ashamed of what he is—not quite a self-possessed demon, but too demonic to be anything else. Daniel advises him to defy his limits so when his masters try to control him they cannot. He also threatens Blake; should Blake betray or hurt Genevieve, that will be bad.

Into the Umbra

Daniel drives them all out to the burned-out ruin of Marcher’s place, and they go to the cabin with a mirror, stepping through. They quickly find a back door into the Glade, with Mother Wolf. They pass her and go speak to the roc spirit that is keeping the Banewave back from the city. The roc gives them one of its teardrops, and through it they can see their way through the umbral forest to another glade, guarded by centaurs and suppressing an ancient sacrificial stone table.

They meet Bellain, a unicorn that shines with the energy of the Deep Umbra. She speaks through Genevieve, and promises to help them with their cleansing if they put a pearl with multiple dimensions inside her bane foe. They agree. They can get closer, because they smell of infernal energy and corruption.

Tidelia stays with the stone table (Blake is glad to leave the stinging glade full of life energy) and they cross to the corrupted trees, interwoven with Dark Young of Shub Niggaruth. They are also stopped by a guardian shaman, who tips them off that the monster they seek (Gephelt) is in negotiations with a demon. Blake pretends to be a diplomat with an entourage, and they pass.

They close in on the massive mangrove corpse tree that is Gephelt, surrounded by massive undead crocodiles and other defenses. Gephelt is armored with stolen power and life energy of the cult to Shub Niggauruth, a unique sort of occurance. As Blake bargains, he finds out the bane spirits want infernal energy for their weapons, and want to turn souls over to Hell when they are… thoroughly soiled.

Genevieve slips into the Mists of Rlyeh and stuffs the pearl into a breathing hole, and as its unfolding tears Gephelt open, the “diplomats” flee. They bluff past Gephelt’s defenses, and bluff past the shaman, and get out to where centaurs are leading the charge against the corrupt woods.

Rejoining the unicorn, they are healed; Genevieve is cleansed of her electrical interference corruption, and Tidelia is restored altogether. They promise to help the unicorn if summoned. The unicorn joins the battle, and spirits escort the characters to a pool of unicorn blood where she was once wounded. They drop through the “mirror” and find their way back out in the cabin, so they can return to Favian Manor. Tidelia is deeply grateful, and goes her own way.


Mugsy wants to replenish the food supplies, but cannot go alone; Blake agrees to go with him. As they buy supplies, Pillars meets with Blake in the store. She is delighted he is finding ways to be helpful, he brushes her off as best he can.

Mugsy noticed, though, and they have a conversation about how Pillars connects to Blake; that’s awkward, and Blake exits the conversation as gracefully as he can.

Tidying Up

Genevieve finds that Graves left alone; that’s alarming, so she telepathically contacts him. He is on a plane, he is going to help Echran with his challenge.

Genevieve briefs the Ghost telepathically on Tidelia’s condition, much to the Ghost’s relief.

Arke goes to the Clocktower and checks in with the troll Bartholemew, and presses the evasive troll; Bartholemew also knows there is a second team of messengers of the Warren operating in Edge City, but is not sure what they are up to.

The characters took care of their various business to prepare for Friday’s memorial service for Jacob Malone, Genevieve’s father.



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