Edge City

Build a Better Metatrap

Sunday, 2.20.11

After Kinslton gave the story to the reporter, he called him back and threatened him, telling him not to print it until he heard back from Kinslton, or the vigilante would refuse to corroborate the story.

The vigilantes of the Inspecters met at the Justice Dome that night, responding to Kinslton’s invitation. The corax wizard explained that he grew up in captivity for his first 16 years, property of a mad wizard who cultivated his family in an attempt to get more corax he could sell to other wizards as familiars. He managed to escape, but his parents were killed. He was found in the Kings Borough of London by the Brotherhood of the Road, and ended up with the name Kinslton as some sort of abbreviation. He then learned mythos magic, and when he was strong enough, he returned to the wizard’s lair and killed him for revenge, beginning a time of wizard assassination in his life that led him to Edge City.

So, when he found out how Growlback and other metas were being tortured in captivity, he could not allow it to continue. He asked the Inspecters to take over the role of meta containment, instead of trusting Precinct 13 and the Recon Teams.

Victor was furious that Kinslton went to the press and “outed” meta torture, condemning all the work of the Recon Teams without even consulting him. He pointed out metas are even less likely to surrender if they think they’re being tortured, and pointed out this was hard on the public relations spaces they all have to deal with. In the end, he flew away to go deal with spin with his PR team.

As part of the ongoing discussion, Swashbuckler was protective of the journalist; the story is given out, no backsies now. Burninator insisted there had to be more thinking through alternatives, especially before trashing what’s already in place, because the need is real and immediate and if we don’t go with Precinct 13 we have to have another plan in place. Genevieve pointed out Victor was going to be targeted when it was time for metas to be discredited as vigilantes in the city and she was in place to keep the door open and maybe salvage the situation when that happened. It also came up that restraining metas is hard. The Ghost didn’t say anything until the end, when he encouraged Kinslton to come up with a better plan. Through it all, Alpha Wolf was very supportive of Kinslton.

Overall the group was unimpressed by his “fire ready aim” approach, but generally sympathetic to his goal of human meta storage even if he hadn’t through through any of the details of potential obstacles or alternatives. It was up to him to solidify their tolerance into support, or evaporate it.

Downtime to Monday, March 28, 2011.

Genevieve maintained her commitments and hunted for Alecia, thinking about seeing if it would be wise to draw her back to the city and re-integrate her with the Chauncies or not. Her investigative powers did not turn Alecia up, as she has been globe trotting under the radar. From the west coast she went to Asia, to Hong Kong and points north of that, traveling around to Italy—the trail was erratic and difficult to follow from half the world away. Psychic scanning did not reveal her either.

Adrian spent much of his time meditating with the Brindalyn Slayer Suit, closing in on the next piece while his bodyguard stood over him. It took weeks, but he finally located it in a magically warded room, in a pool, in a box, under Torpedo Bay. He found the helmet. He worked with Teddy to get a persona put together for the Talisman, including a tac net and some knock-out spray gas in gauntlets. He also went to th American Southwest with Mugsy and killed a necromancer who had a vulture and a couple apprentices, they were animating a biker gang and terrorizing the Brotherhood of the Road. Adrian sorted them out, and in exchange he got a glove with only one finger, and it served as an interdimensional space where he could store his staff.

Kinslton worked with the Brotherhood of the Road and got together with the Masters of Liepzeig, a group of 12 powerful mythos wizards. They created a cyst gate in the basement of the ruined arcology in Torpedo Bay, with a massive ritual involving over 200 chanting participants as well as the Masters all channeling through Kinslton. The cyst gate has 5 spots on the dial, addresses that correspond to 4 cyst prisons built on the wall of the deep umbra, taking inspiration from the lairs of dimensional shamblers. Crafting the gate (which can only be used by mythos wizards, using a minor ritual that can be taught) and the address cysts connected to coordinates absorbed his full time, energy, and favors for the five weeks.



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