Edge City

Lord Bat

Mirov Matvey, the Iron Bear, (Simon) gathered some internet fame in meta brawls. He was called in by Kinslton through the Brotherhood of the Road to help out in Edgarton while Kinslton tracked down Carl Stanford to assassinate him. Matvey met the butler, and explored the city some, attracting the attention of a GAT bot because he was misshapen with muscle and had metallic skin. Treating the robot as his own personal SIRI, he got directions, and found a russian restaurant, Vissilay’s. There he met a number of Russian ex-pats who mostly worked on the subway in Edgarton. He was recognized and celebrated there.

He was also approached by the Recon Agent, who hired him on to work at Precinct 13 with the Recon Teams. The Agent was impressed at his no-nonsense public identity and willingness to serve.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Poe (Iris) refurbished the Gloaming Cabaret, a nightclub in Midtown, to its former glory. (It was originally a nightclub, but it was coverted to offices, then a warehouse, before Poe rebuilt it.) Poe managed to hire Chamille Crew, the hottest nightclub singer in Edge City, and she enjoyed a successful soft open of the club.

Mr. Fetch, servant to Baron Kennedov, visited and urged her not to make trouble. Kennedov also sent condolences regarding Poe’s mother.

The regulars had down time.

Genevieve Malone and her team put all their effort into getting the recreational facility, “The Ropes” ready for opening. In what spare time she had, she bounced down to the Shell Clan hideout for some ninjaball practice.

Burr helped Malone out, but also spent considerable time rolling around with the Templar. She adapted part of the Ropes to be a bar, called “Safety Valve,” and she picked up some bartending skill.

Adrian helped his wife Emma get ready for her summer in Kingsport, where Ellis would go along and do public sculpture while providing some bodyguard cover. He also kept up on his various contacts.

Saturday, May 21, 2011 IG.

Genevieve, Anna, Adrian, Emma, Burr, Poe, and Matvey were present at the grand opening of “The Ropes”, a new recreational facility in Torpedo Bay. The opening band was “The Hack ‘n’ Slash” led by Bandmaster Killjoy. Apollo Chandler, former celebrity boxer and new manager of the Ropes, cut the ribbon for the cameras, and there was catering to the modest turnout for the grand opening.

Visitors could see the boxing ring (labeled “punchy punchy”) and the informal sparring area (labeled “climby bitey”) as well as the arrow towards the bar in the back (labled “beer & ice”) and they could see how the facility was designed to give an at-risk population somewhere to gather and blow off steam and learn some discipline.

The Reconstruction Agent himself showed up and chatted with reporters, and some of the metas quietly headed to the bar, where Genevieve noticed Poe had joined the gathering using her stealthy vampiric influence. Poe offered the group a fine bottle of wine and invited them to the opening of her club in Midtown. Those affiliated with werewolves were instinctively distrustful, sensing Poe was a vampire.

After the event, the bar got properly broken in, and eventually people went their separate ways. They spent the day more or less uneventfully, and headed to the opening of Poe’s club that night.

The Gloaming Cabaret

The night was hopping with a great turnout for the club’s official open. Things were going well until the wall was smashed in by a mass of supernatural bats that harassed the room, then coalesced around the lead singer, Ms. Crew, and escaped the building bearing her aloft.

Matvey leaped up on buildings, followed by Adrian, and more of the characters followed as best they could; Anna broke into Poe’s car and picked up the stragglers. They pursued the swarm of bats to a clock tower a couple miles away.

Matvey announced the avengers’ arrival by hurling a Mr. Trashy through the clock tower, and bats swarmed out angrily. They were controlled by a man in a fancy bladed cape, who loudly announced he was Lord Bat. He used his supernatural bats to attack Matvey, who shrugged the assault off and battered him down.

Meanwhile Adrian raced up into the tower and found Ms. Crew unconscious on a waterbed, in a room draped with satin and such (before the dumpster slammed through it) with some carry-out pizza and wine for seductive purposes. He also found demonic graffiti, and in searching for what gave Lord Bat his power, he found summoning rituals designed to attract demonic attention, appended to pages in a library book.

Once Adrian returned with Ms. Crew safe and sound, Matvey finished defeating Lord Bat, and they put him in a truck to be imprisoned in Precinct 13. He shouted purple prose in a Transylvanian accent (the best he could do) but slipped into a more Midwestern cadence when not high on the bat power.

Crew went back to the nightclub with Poe and blew them away with some more singing, unfazed by her brush with danger. Attendance would be way up after that stunt.

Later interrogation of Lord Bat revealed his name was Sam Grabble. His summoning ritual got a demon to come to him, and the demon made him do things (like bite the heads off a bunch of bats) to get power. (They got the feeling this was the demon amusing itself at his expense.) He drank something glowing and green (some sort of hellish warpstone mutagen with nevercold brass) and it gave him his bat powers.

All he knew about the demon he summoned was it had a very tall hat, and round glasses, and too sharp a smile, an a long two-tined fork…



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