Edge City

Rescuing Tidelia

A Daring Heist

February 1, 2010. Supper Time.

Plotting a Rescue

In the Parlor of Relative Safety, in Favian Manor, the crew plotted. (Genevieve, Adrian, Blake, and Arke. Also Daniel, Eudora, Jessica, and Mugsy.)

Eudora tipped off all the media outlets about what was going on, and Fortress Square is crawling with media and police. The captured nova Tidelia was to be moved from the top floors of Fortress Square to Quantum Labs. One convoy was run by Quantum Labs; a dirigible with Hammerhand and Dr. Kvassar and a bunch of drone aircraft, as well as three police blimps. The other by land, run by Seertech, with assault robots and police escort. Guarding Fortress Square itself was the main force of the Wilters, backed up by masses of police. It would not be easy to break her out!

Genevieve telepathically contacts Burninator, who was determined to rescue Tidelia, and set him to cause a distraction by setting the Wilters museum on fire. It was in Fortress Square, but down and to the side, out of the main security focus.

Genevieve telepathically contacts Hammerhand, who tells her that Dr. Kvassar was present and dangerous. So Daniel gets his gauntlets that were studded with warpstone. Hammerhand also warned them that Tidelia’s transport tube would be boobytrapped with a bomb.

Amy gets to the jet and is airborne, so if they need her for backup she’s ready.

Planning is cut short as the news indicates they are getting ready to load Tidelia and get moving. Genevieve looks to the future and sees Exitixe (Red Phantom) teleport in, shoot the phase disruptor that prevents teleportation, and pound some tracking bugs into Tidelia’s tank. Then she teleports out.

Assault on Fortress Square

Arke goes through the Umbra with a portable screen mirror, pops out in the room where they are keeping Tidelia, and sets it up. The rest of the crew pile in with Genevieve, and Adrian uses magic to shield them from attack while Blake pulls Tidelia out of her confinement (before she’s put in a transport tube.) Felton and Wilts cower, and the invaders escape with their prize as Dr. Kvassar pounded through the roof to intercept.

After a 15 second rescue, they evaluate Tidelia’s condition in the relative safety of a corner of the Warren in the Umbra (Adrian owes Arke a favor for using his interdimensional expertise.)

Next Steps

Tidelia was exposed to some infernal toxin that corrupted her energy instead of killing her; she cannot be cleansed any way but shamanistic cleansing or repeated maximum burning of her power. Tidelia briefly regains consciousness long enough to relate that she was poisoned and traced it back to Daggett Industries factory, she attacked the wife of the CEO and the next night was captured making a go at the CEO himself.

Genevieve takes Tidelia to the Mausoleum, where an old man in a mask agrees to look after her on the Ghost’s behalf. Then she and Adrian rejoin the others at Favian Mansion.

Burninator blew up the Wilters museum and escaped to the underground of Torpedo Bay.

Genevieve telepathically contacts Exitixe, who reveals that her involvement was because Crossfade and Growlback called her in to rescue a meta in transit (as they were once rescued.) She teleports away, having delivered that news.

The Brass Embassy

To find out more, Blake takes Arke and Jessica to the Brass Embassy. They enter through Sanctuary, and meet with Clark, the Overseer of the embassy. When Blake shares the flavor of the toxin with Clark, Clark points him to Dr. Porter, an entrepreneurial demon who started business before the embassy even opened. He may be making nevercold brass, which smelting is cheaper and more toxic here than elsewhere (closer to Hell.) He may be working with Daggett Industries. Clark gives Blake a nevercold brass coin.

To determine who might be in Hell needs a full name, something that belonged to the subject, and ideally a piece of the subject. Or, Arke needs much less. Arke does not like the idea of peering into Hell, and they take their leave of Clark. Jessica is freaked out by the Brass Embassy and never wants to return.



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