Edge City

The Ropes

Monday, May 23, 2011 and a few days after.

  • Genevieve sent Mr. Kissybat off to summon Kryptma.
  • Irritated by the vandalism to GAT bots, the Recon Agents voted to approve Genevieve’s suggestion that the GAT bots be auctioned off as canvases to neighborhoods and organizations to decorate, then be put on active duty, but with some local pride dressing them up. This is a tactic to slow vandalism.
  • Matvey fought three werewolf kinfolk women and they managed to bring him down, which got them very excited, so they took him to their apartment where they shared a den, and sexed him up. They are known as the Furies, and their names are Tracey, Sylvia, and Arlene.
  • As part of her last preparations before leaving town, Emma painted an abstract “portrait” of Adrian. It appeared to be a constellation, with a strong star where his heart was, and abstract brush strokes around him that actually mirror an angled view of some of his protective runes. He thought it was sweet.
  • Burr continued her development of new cocktails and drink combinations to match a durable (regenerating) palate for cheap and vicious liquor. Examples include the Pain Shoggoth (which has a tennis ball with googly eyes on it in the gelatin of the drink) and Fuzzy Orgy on the Beach (which is pretty much everything in arm’s reach mixed up.) Traditional paper umbrellas seemed too small and frail for some drinks, so pinwheels substitute.
  • Matvey filmed an internet challenge to the Iron Skull to a meta brawl in Dencentrael because the Iron Skull has been trash talking him.
  • The Templar decided the bar (Escape Valve) needed a mechanical bull. They acquired one and installed it, and named it Rasputin. They spent a few hours’ sleep curled around it, surrounded by their bottles and cups, and the first ones to fall broke some of the glassware, starting a ground glass covering to the ground around the bull. The enclosure, is called “the Paddock.” There is chalkboard paint on one wall to track whatever records need tracking.
  • Teddy reviewed Matvey’s dimensions and is working on an Iron Bear vigilante outfit for him. (There are strong indicators Teddy did Lord Bat’s outfit too.) In the meantime, Teddy gave him a tremendous huge leather furred pimp coat and some Jackie O sunglasses.
  • Genevieve started a contract with local food truck vendors that they will serve scheduled times in the parking lot out back behind the Ropes, subsidized by the establishment on top of whatever they earn. The first was the Gyro Truck, owned by Assan Jim (who worries his daughter, who also works the truck, might be in danger. The owners promised they’d be responsible for her safety.) While gyros are good, he also developed a new menu item, “Handful of meat” for $2. It’s very popular.
  • Matvey provoked Artie (Alpha Wolf) to hurt him if he could, so Artie went for a crotch rip with his werewolf claws and still could not hurt the mutant, but got razzed by his pack for fondling the mutant’s balls, and he was sulky about that afterwards.
  • Leo is a rough-voiced barfly developing an affinity for googly-eyed tennis balls (though he refuses any suggestion he can be compelled to play fetch.)
  • After Emma headed out to Kingsport to be a starving artist for a summer, Adrian went to the Ropes and knocked off some rust, sparring with Chandler himself. Apparently Adrian has the skills to be a professional boxer (of course.)

The Gloaming Cabaret

Poe kept an eye on her guests, and noticed one who was getting lots of attention and spreading around supernatural energy—a beautiful woman with two big odd bodyguards. Poe summoned her upstairs to find she was a seccubus named Pilliars, who offered to be her friend and help her out (and was apparently able to rearrange her blood to be interesting to a vampire.) She even left some on the chair.

Poe resisted her overtures and told her to be good, then sent her away. Poe was further angered when Pillars seduced the coat check girl on the way out.

The cabaret was packed after the incident with Crew, so business was good. The cigarette girls also have wrist-mounted thumb-activated lighters, which they use to light their wares and to chase off wandering hands. Even the bouncers liked the new arrangement.



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