Edge City


Artemis Seer Strikes Back

January 25-February 1, 2010


  • Blake generously rewards Smith for being a good sport about the gunmen that threatened his life.
  • Adrian meets with Duwayles (who introduces Arke, and his bodyguard Mugsy). Adrian works with him to put the back door to the Leatherbury Estate in the men’s room in the Kingsport Historical Society building; he takes a day trip up to Kingsport to finalize the process.
  • Emma proposes to Adrian! He agrees to marry her, they set up a May wedding.
  • Genevieve talks with the Ghost, and is relieved that she will not be banished for the role she played in the alien assault on Quantum Labs. She begins the slow process of healing Alice’s mind, after all the lobotomies. She also contacts the Shell Clan, and has some give-and-take to psychically locate the darkshell egg caches she sensed when she was the Queen of the hive mind, so the Shell Clan can wipe them out.

February 1

  • During the down time, Blake is exploring the city, but is ambushed by Blankwell—an inquisitor with the Order of Michael, purporting to serve the Archangel. They put him in a devil’s trap, shave him, carve sigils into him, even saw off one of his hands! They are trying to get past the Membrane, a psychic phenomenon that keeps demons on earth from remembering Hell. Their quest is to seal off Hell’s access to the world. As his sanity and life force ebb, Blake is rescued by Pillars and a demon hit squad. He wakes, reconstituted, in the Brass Embassy. Pillars reveals that the inquisitors found him because of an anonymous tip, and Pillars got an anonymous tip the next day (to rescue him.) Blake realizes Artemis Seer set him up for some pain. Pillars escorts him out the “servant’s entrance” that exits in Sanctuary, a cathedral turned into a nightclub. Blake celebrates his survival with a willing and pretty young woman, then settles at the bar…
  • Adrian, Arke, and Mugsy meet with Jessica at the yacht, Arke’s other agent. She operates somewhat independently. They go to meet Genevieve Malone at her house, and Arke explains he has been sent by the Warren, to reward her for her part in stopping the Ragnorok Wrecker and the Pytarian Disconnect. Arke will help her put Painkiller in a pocket dimension where he will be inaccessible and able to cause no harm. Also, Arke is to monitor the new Brass Embassy as best he can.
  • The butler escorts Jack Bower in; the policeman tells Genevieve her father died in a fire in her house. She goes to check it out, and looks back in time, to see Morton White and some thugs killing her father. The fire is an obvious arson.
  • Meanwhile the phone rings, Emma calls Favian Manor and reaches Adrian. His yacht blew up! He and Arke race over to see the obvious arson. A man in the crowd confesses that he did it, and because he made the bomb too big he was left behind to explain that they did torture and kill Hans before blowing the yacht up. Adrian promised to get even with Artemis Seer for this, and soon. Adrian follows the man, who goes into a gated community, to a helipad, and flies towards Quantum Labs. Jessica promises to look into it and find out what threats remain to Arke and, by extension, Adrian.
  • Genevieve psychically contacts Adrian, who takes Emma with him (and Arke) to use Favian Manor as a safehouse. Emma lets her servants go, with pay, until she needs them again. They all go to the Manor.
  • Graves decides to keep the crew safe by blackmailing Artemis Seer with some of what he knows about the illegal operations and funding Artemis Seer is using. This rattles Seer.

Tidelia Surfaces

On the news, Tidelia is captured returning to the scene of the crime after crippling Daggett Industries CEO John Sommerset. Wilters got her. She is kept in Fortress Square, Downtown. The pictures of her are horrific, she is scarred and hideous.

She must be rescued! Seer sends Morton White to offer her to Genevieve for six months of non-interference, and she turns him down. (Seer also approaches the Ghost, offering Tidelia, to settle Genevieve and her rabid husband down.)

Pillars also checks in with Blake, offering her “boyfriend” (the Director) to manage the heist. That’s a possibility, on hold.

Daniel favors hitting Fortress Square, Amy favors hitting the convoy on the road. Eudora finds out one convoy will be Seertech, the other will be Quantum Labs, and one will be a decoy.

Genevieve figures she’ll need to talk to Hammerhand in her identity as Isis; in that identity she rescued him from being experimented on by Quantum Labs, maybe he’ll see reason.



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