"A Summary of the Expedition to Loch Mullardoch"

Continuing the research efforts, Adrian found a passage in a book by Fr. Andrew MacBride on the Roman expedition with further information (Dante’s passage follows, in order in the narrative.)

Namatian led his troops in an attack from the east while Marcus slipped in from the west. They met inside the temple where the last guards were slain, but Belphegor had fled through a door into another world.

Marcus cut down the serpent priests with his sword and Namatian tried to break the golden disk. All of his efforts failed until Marcus lent him his sword. The sword cut through the disk and with a few strokes the disk was cut into three sections. Namatian was building a fire to melt it down when a great beast came from the mountain and attacked the remaining soldiers. Its wounds healed themselves as fast as they were inflicted.

Marcus discovered a serpent priest who had escaped the slaughter of his companions and, when he killed him, the beast went made. The ground began to shake and the temple collapsed, killing all but Marcus, who was pushed through the doorway into the other world. The rest of the expedition died in the rubble.

Dante checked the area out with Five Stones, and got to do some research in the secret archive with Yardly Bulthwaite. This is what the old man uncovered.

A Summary of the Expedition to Loch Mullardoch

When Marcus found himself in a deep forest rather than the temple his first thoughts were to return to aid his companions, but the collapse of the temple had destroyed the doorway and he was unable to return.

In time Marcus discovered the inhabitants of the forest and made friends with them. He became a member of the clan and wed the daughter of one of the clan members. They had two sons and a daughter. Marcus taught his family to speak his language and tried to use his engineering skills to aid the clan, but the clan lived for the freedom of the forest and had no use for roads and bridges. They only built small cottages to sleep in during wet or cold weather. Several years passed before trouble marred the harmony of the clan.

One night the serpent people came with silver and fire and killed most of the clan. With them they brought monstrous black serpent-like beings with bat-wings that constantly writhed and seemed to change form. Marcus slew one creature with his sword but one of the serpent people drove a dagger into his back.

As soon as Marcus fell the attackers fled. That night Marcus’s wife and sons died, but he lived for several weeks and taught his daughter to use the sword that she might defend the clan shoudl another attack come.

Here ends the account of Marcus Arturus. How it was passed down is known by none.

Fr. MacBride’s book has a footnote. “I have verified that Platorius Nepos was the governor of Britain during the period. Hadrian’s Wall was built between 122 and 126 A.D.” This material was his translation of an oral tradition later written down.

June, 2012

"A Summary of the Expedition to Loch Mullardoch"

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