Letter from MacBain to Stanford

A lawyer named James Clark thought the Silver Twilight Lodge suspicious, even though he was a member. He slipped away into the basement, through a hidden trapdoor, down some stone spiral stairs, and he said he found a study with this letter on the desk. He emerged, saw Dante, and shared the letter with him. Dante told him to put the letter back and join a different lodge, and Clark seemed onboard with doing just that. Dante made some notes as to the content of the letter, which is reproduced here.

MacBain House
Cannich, Scotland
July 30, 2009


Yesterday my boys have sighted the item you need. The two Americans that found the Temple dug it up, but do not know what it is. I’ll have it soon enough, my boys are working for the Americans.

I realize you’re anxious to get the object, but we must be careful. I am very pleased my people can be of help to your Order, and that I can be of help to you.

You said Miss Chantraine might join me here. It would be a real honor to meet her, and I hope we can work well together so she can see the strength we have gathered from the serpents. This should be wrapped up in a fortnight, I hope.

Till Locks Part,

Duncan MacBain

March 10, 2012

Letter from MacBain to Stanford

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