Marcher's Tower

An inter-dimensional tower was attached to Old Man Marcher’s Place, the Chauncy headquarters. The Tower is one room, and it has a certain mysterious charm.

When Old Man Marcher’s Place burned down in August 2009, Marcher moved the door into the tower from the ruin of the building to a basement off the Midway.

The tower has a throne, with antlers built in a column above it. A meeting table big enough to seat ten. Windows now bricked up. A rolled up carpet in the back has a dessicated vampire corpse in it.

The only two with access to the tower right now are Marcher himself, and his apprentice Adrian Pellwitch.

Marcher asked Pellwitch to talk to Malinta about getting in touch with the Pocketers to put a new dimensional door in the tower. Pellwitch did (9.28.09) and found that the price was Amulet of Teliara, an object Marcher apparently has but will need some time to get in hand.

Updated March 10, 2012

Marcher's Tower

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