Research on Evil Picts

Adrian Pellwitch found this excerpt on groups of evil Picts as part of the Cannich investigation, 9.29.09, from “Pictish Legendry” by Carman Sandevin, in the appendix of primary sources. The author refers to a section from “Nameless Cults,” an anonymous work on various cultic activities.

An excellent example of an evil Pictish group is that from Loch Mullardoch, in Scotland. These Picts worshiped the being known elsewhere as the Daemon Sultan, but, as in some other locations, they performed this worship as bidden by beings of an older, and more malign species. Indeed, I know for a fact that these remnants from the days of pre-human reptiles even now walk the Earth.

Another place where such beings may lurk is in North America, where the Graet Old Ones were worshiped long before the advent of Columbus. I am here thinking of locations in Spain’s Alta California province.

March 10, 2012

Research on Evil Picts

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