R'lyeh Disk

Meg read this excerpt in her Mythos volume on cults and summoning, in the darkest pages.

The R’lyeh Disk

The disk is of solid gold three inches thick and a foot in diameter. The top of the disk bears an intricate latticework portraying a central winged figure, perhaps a bird. Sets of glyphs occupy the interior of the top, the rim, and the edge of the disk. AT least one set is said to be in R’lyeh glyphs.

The bottom or reverse side of the disk portrays an octopoid figure, with swirls and curves carved with runes and set with tiny gems that glow even in daylight.

According to legend the disk was sundered, but legend also suggests that another arcane focus, the Arc of Vlactos, may compensate for the absence of one or even two of the disk segments.

The R’lyeh Disk is a powerful magical talisman. It can guide the owner to the lost city of R’lyeh or give instructions on raising the city from the depths of the sea. The disk can also cause the city of R’lyeh to sink if it is already raised.

It is common to feel displacement or nausea, the sense of falling into this object of tremendous power. Legend speculates that melting it destroys much of its power.

March 10, 2012

R'lyeh Disk

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